Review File Deadlines

School Deadlines to the Office of Academic Personnel              

November 1

  • Postponement of Tenure/Promotion Review
  • Second Consecutive Deferral for Professor, Step V and above, who deferred their 5-year review and is now requesting a deferral for year 6 (if approved, will undergo review in seventh year).

 December 1

  • Merits (including accelerations)
  • Reappointments
  • No Change
  • Midcareer Appraisals

January 4

  • Five Year Reviews
  • Advancements to Professor VI

February 1

  • Promotions
  • Above-Scale actions
  • Non-reappointments

March 1

  • Dean Delegated Merits
  • All Non-Senate actions

June 30

  • Deferrals (Associate rank and above) Approved by the Dean should be submitted by June 30, 2023

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