Anteater Leadership Academy (ALA) – Compensation Guidelines

The Anteater Leadership Academy (ALA) is an innovative, affordable academic program, a partnership between main campus and Division of Continuing Education (formerly known as UNEX ), that bundles the degree-related freshman curriculum with programs on leadership development and career preparation. It offers selected general education courses and customized program exploring topics such as presentation skills, entrepreneurship and career advancement. Those joining the ALA will have alternative enrollment status as students of the Division of Continuing Education. Courses will be held on campus and taught by faculty members to fulfill the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Academic Year 2017-18 (starting in Fall 2017) will be the inaugural year for the program.

Applicable Policies

Senate Faculty

APM 662 outlines when academic appointees may receive additional compensation.  Specifically, APM 662-8 states that two kinds of teaching are eligible for additional compensation when the teaching is done as an assignment beyond a faculty member’s normal teaching load:

  1. Teaching of matriculated students in self-supporting University degree or UNEX courses and programs; or
  2. Teaching non-matriculated students, including those in UNEX courses and programs and other continuing education courses and programs run by the University (APM 662-8-b).

Based on the program design of ALA, senate faculty teaching ALA courses will be eligible to receive additional compensation per APM 662-8-b.  In addition, senate faculty who received additional compensation will be required to report time spent on additional teaching in ALA per APM 662-17 (per APM 025/671).

Recalled Faculty

APM 205 applies to former academic appointees who retired from UCI and are receiving UCRP benefits, who are recalled for teaching.  Retired academic appointees may be recalled with compensation not to exceed 43% time per month that is based on the annual based salary rate for the academic position held at the time of retirement.  Appointment of recalled faculty should be made in the departments from which the course(s) are offered.

Unit 18 Lecturers

Lecturers that are represented by the union (in Unit 18) may also be hired to teach ALA courses as a part of their lecturer appointment up to 100% full-time. Unit 18 lecturers are not eligible to be appointed above 100% nor receive compensation over a full-time appointment. Appointment of Unit 18 lecturers should be made in the departments/programs from which the course(s) are offered.

Payroll and Eligibility

 Senate FacultyEmeriti Faculty—Recalled
Eligible for additional compensation per APM 662YesYes
Payroll title code for additional compensation1650N/A
DOS code for additional compensationADLREC*
Required to report time spent in receipt of additional compensation under APM 025/671YesNo
Amount per ALA course taught$12,000$12,000
* Retired academic appointees may be recalled with compensation not to exceed 43% time per month that is based on the annual based salary rate for the academic position held at the time of retirement. 

Payment to Faculty and Funding Reimbursement

Each hiring department offering the course should make any necessary faculty appointments and process payments related to teaching of the ALA courses. At the end of each quarter, the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) will process a KFS financial document (DI) that credits the unit’s account and debits a DCE account for the approved expenditures. Both credit and debit sides of the transaction will use object code 7215 (Temporary Labor Costs). Please note that this will not be a budgetary transfer; rather, it will be a credit to actuals at the approved amount to offset instructional expenses. DCE will contact you to request the KFS account to credit.


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