Unit 18 Faculty Professional Development Funds

The Professional Development Fund awards are specifically dedicated to providing support for the professional development of Unit 18 Faculty covered by the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). The awards provide Unit 18 Faculty opportunities to enhance their effectiveness in professional and pedagogical areas. The awards are available annually. Applicants may apply for funding to support upcoming conferences as well as for reimbursement for expenses for conferences or events attended since the beginning of the academic year. Preference will be given to applicants who have not received awards in the past. Awardees will be required after completion of the project or attendance at a conference, etc. to submit a short narrative describing and evaluating the benefit derived from the award.

Why are these funds provided?

The Professional Development Fund is dedicated to providing funding support for the professional development of Unit 18 Faculty engaged in professional development activities that will enhance their effectiveness and development as scholars/teachers in their field. For Unit 18 Faculty, instructional performance is measured by criteria that include command of the subject matter and continued growth in mastering new topics. Therefore, professional development such as attending professional conferences and meetings as well as funding for software, appropriate technical equipment, books, and training seminars that are in support of pedagogical endeavors are encouraged by the Professional Development Program.

Reminder – all technical equipment (computer, laptop, etc.) purchased with University funds are the property of the University and must be returned to the University upon separation from university employment.   

Who may apply?

All Unit 18 Faculty Instructional Appointees with a current appointment in the current academic year may apply for an award. Only Unit 18 Faculty with Continuing Appointments will be eligible to submit requests for paid leave (Tier 2 Award).

Types of AwardsAward CriteriaApplication ProceduresApplication Review and DeadlinesUC-AFT Council on Professional Development

The awards are normally divided into two tiers (categories).

Tier 1 Awards: In amounts up to $2,000 and are to be used for such items as the following:

  • Purchase of equipment, software, or books.
  • Professional fees, subscriptions, and memberships.
  • Conference attendance including travel and housing reimbursement for conferences such as professional, creative, writing workshops, colloquia, performance workshops, course work.

Tier 2 Awards: In amounts between $2,000 and $10,000

  • May be used for any of the items in the Tier 1 category over $2,000.
  • For a short-term leave, or for one course release. (Employee is released from and will be paid for one course as paid leave.)
  • Please note: Vice Provost for Academic Personnel is the final authority on Tier 2 awards.

All proposals designed primarily to further a Unit 18 Faculty’s own scholarship will receive full consideration and will be evaluated on the merits and strengths of the proposal. Such evaluations include but are not limited to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to furthering scholarly achievement and/or enhancing pedagogical endeavors.
  • Applicant’s preparation of the application package (including curriculum vitae).
  • Significance of the project to the University’s mission of providing excellence in teaching, research, and public service, including a brief description of how the applicant will share new skills and knowledge with the University community or use new programs to benefit that community.
  • For Tier 2 Awards, consideration will also be given to the overall value and strength of the project, as described in the formal written proposal, and will be reviewed by the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel.
  • Funding awarded in the application year must be used by the following Academic Year.

For Tier 1 Awards:

For Tier 2 Awards:

  • Complete the Unit 18 Faculty Professional Development Award application form.     help.fw
  • Attach a written proposal with justification for the course release or leave. It should include a narrative describing the nature of the project and an explanation of how the project will fulfill the expectations described in the award criteria. The leave is to be proposed for the current academic year.
  • Attach a current curriculum vitae.
  • Attach project proposal.
  • Submit the completed application to the Chair and Dean’s Office for comment.
  • Paid leave requests must also include 2 letters of recommendation. These letters should evaluate the proposed project.

Once completed, the award application proposal should be submitted to the Department Chair for review.  After review by the Chair, the applications should be forwarded to the Dean.  If there are multiple proposals from one department, Deans are encouraged to rank them according to the criteria outlined above.  All applications are due in the Dean’s Offices by March 8, 2022.  Once the Dean has reviewed the application, it will be sent to the Office of Academic Personnel. The final date for receipt of the proposals is March 15, 2022.

Following this deadline, the UC-AFT Council on Professional Development (Council), comprised of Unit 18 Faculty nominated by the AFT and appointed by the Vice Provost of Academic Personnel, will begin to review the proposals. The proposals will be ranked and the Council’s recommendations will be sent to the Vice Provost of Academic Personnel for final approval. It is anticipated that the announcement of the awards will be made prior to the end of the Winter Quarter.

Council Members:

  • Maryse Mijalski, Department of European Languages and Studies
  • Viet Vu, School of Education
  • Emily Navarro, Department of Informatics
  • Bojan Petrovic, School of Social Sciences
  • Sarah Koo, Department of Music

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