UCI Scholars at Risk Sponsorship Program

Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis.  Schools/Units may submit proposals to Academic Personnel.


To appoint international scholars-at-risk at UCI for one-year visiting appointments so that they may pursue their academic careers under conditions of academic freedom and freedom from threats.


Provost will provide matching funds up to a maximum of $25,000 per year.  School/Unit will provide documentation of funds to be matched from one or more of the following sources:

  • external sources (such as the IIE-SRF program)
  • donor-generated monies
  • unit and School-based funding

Duration of Appointment

One (1) year appointment.  Appointment may be renewed and the total duration shall not exceed two (2) years.

Eligibility and Title

UCI scholars-at-risk may be appointed to do conduct research, teach, or to combine research and teaching. The appropriate title for the visiting scholars will be in the Visiting series. This series has a maximum of a two-year appointment with no merit review required, and their salaries are not subject to range adjustments, and may be used if the selected scholar will be on campus conducting research and/or teaching.

Nomination packages should include:

  1. Scholar CV
  2. Nomination letter from the Department (2 pages maximum) that includes academic rationale for the scholar’s appointment and also addresses how this advances the campus commitment to inclusive excellence and academic freedom.  The letter should include a description of activities the scholar will undertake (teaching, research, service) including how the visiting appointment will be integrated into the departmental/school culture.
  3. Support Letter from Dean.
  4. The proposed appointment dates (including appointment percentage, start/end dates, duties/responsibilities, and funding package (originating in unit or School or in external or donor funds).
  5. The name of a faculty mentor and of a staff contact person for the scholar, and a guarantee of office / lab space, if applicable.
  6. Contact person in the International Center who will work with the unit regarding visa issues.

Identification of Potential Candidates

There are at least three ways to identify candidates for this program:

  1.  The international organization, Scholars at Risk (SAR) (NYC) maintains a list of SAR-vetted scholars. UCI’s contact person for inquires with SAR about potential scholars is Shreya Balhara.
  2. The International Institute of Education Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) maintains a list of scholars vetted by IIE-SRF and selected by the program’s Selection Committee. UCI’s contact person for scholars supported and funded by IIE-SRF is Danielle Alperin.
  3. Units may submit for consideration the names/files of proposed scholars whom they have identified independently and whom they may also direct to contact IIE-SRF and SAR (NYC).
  4.  To seek scholars looking for placements please visit the IIE-SRF “Scholars Seeking Placement” page.

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