APP 5-02: Academic Year Separation and/or Retirement Dates

  1. Academic appointees who have academic-year appointments are required to serve for 9 months from the beginning of the fall term through the end of the spring term. They are normally paid over 12 months. Academic appointees who are paid on an academic year basis (9/12) can only separate and/or retire during the following dates:
    1. Fall Quarter:
      1. Separation date of October 31.
      2. Retirement date of November 1.
    2. Winter Quarter:
      1. Separation date of February 28.
      2. Retirement date of March 1.
    3. Spring Quarter:
      1. Separation date is usually one day prior to June 30 (it varies from year to year, but normally around the 28th of June).
      2. Retirement date of July 1.
      3. June pay, reflected in the July paycheck will be less than 100% (roughly 98.5%).
  2. Mid-year separation and/or retirement
    1. Academic appointees who wish to separate and/or retire mid-year, during Fall or Winter quarter are still responsible for completing their teaching assignments through the end of the quarter’s service dates. For Fall quarter, their teaching assignment is through December and for Winter quarter, it is through March.

Example of retirement at the end of Fall Quarter:

Pay Period Service Period Separation Retirement
July 1, 2022 – October 31, 2022 September 19, 2022 – December 9, 20221 October 31, 2022 November 1, 2022
Last paycheck is November 1. End of quarter is the last day worked. Retirement service credit through October 31. First retirement check is December 1 with no break in benefits.
    1. When a faculty:
      1. separates mid-year and needs to complete their teaching assignments, consult your assigned academic personnel analyst.
      2. retires mid-year and needs to complete their teaching assignments, their emeritus title will serve as their appointment to allow them to give grades at the end of the quarter.

1 Service period dates fluctuate every quarter and can be found under Pay and Service Calendars.

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