Hellman Fellowship Program


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Who May Apply.  (i) Full-time Assistant Professors, (ii) who exhibit potential for great distinction in their areas of expertise, (iii) in the schools of Arts, Biological Sciences, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Information and Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Social Ecology, Law or Business, (iv) who have completed at least two but not more than four full years of service by July 1, 2020.  Prior Assistant Professor appointments at another research university may be counted toward this criteria.

In addition, candidates may not be under consideration for tenure at the time the fellowship is awarded and cannot be under consideration for tenure while holding a Hellman Fellowship.

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Fund Usage.  Fellowship funds are to be used to support research/creative activities.  Examples include:

  • Laboratory or other research-related equipment;
  • Travel to a professional meeting, a site where data will be collected, or to present a paper; and
  • 19th summer salary;
  • Salaries for research assistants, students, or postdoctoral fellows.

5% of each Fellowship may be used to pay for childcare expenses to support the Fellows research efforts.

Fellowship Funds may not be used to replace state-funded resources to recruit and retain faculty.

Fellowship Amount.  The maximum fellowship amount is $50,000.  A budget justification for the amount requested must be submitted with all applications for funding.

The normal duration of each Hellman Fellowship is one year.  In exceptional cases, an awardee may request permission to carry forward unspent balances to the next academic year.  Fellowship recipients must spend all funds before their tenure case is put forward for consideration.

Routing.  Applicants who meet the criteria set forth above should submit completed application forms to their department chair and dean for review and signatures.  Completed applications should be sent electronically to jiwon@uci.edu by Friday, March 13, 2020.

2020 Hellman Fellows will be announced in June, and funding will begin on July 1, 2020.

Application Length.  Application packages should be brief; no more than 3 pages.  Submissions should be written with the understanding that they will be reviewed by a panel of faculty that may not include specialists in the Applicant’s field of study.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to include an introductory description that is clear and accessible to someone who is not an expert in their field.

Budget.  Applications must include a budget.  There must be clear and complete justification for the amount requested.  Applicants should take special care when developing budgets for personnel, accounting for the costs of benefits and fees, as well as salaries.  In addition, the relationship of the proposed Hellman-funded activities to ongoing research funded from other sources must be explained.

A Hellman Review Panel will review all timely submitted application.  Awards will be based on (i) Excellence of the proposal, documenting how Hellman funding will advance their research or other academic creative activities; (ii) Candidate’s record of scholarship; and (iii) Funding need.

Preference in awarding Hellman Fellowships will be given to faculty who show great promise in research/creative activities, have outstanding proposals, and have not received other young investigator awards.

Applicants must clearly indicate how Hellman funding will allow them to pursue critical activities that are not supported by other funding sources.

Friday, March 13, 2020All approved applications and a list of all applicants from the unit or school are due electronically to JiWon Kim by 5pm for referral to the Hellman Advisory Panel.
JuneThe 2020 Hellman Fellows are announced.
July 1, 2020Hellman Fellowship begins.

*Deans may submit completed applications to jiwon@uci.edu.

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