APP 5-01: Recall Guidelines

Recall appointments will no longer be approved on a 09/12 basis/paid over — July-June.

Retired members of the HSCP — There are two options for the retired members of the HSCP:

  1. The faculty can return as a recall faculty that is a member of the HSCP, and will be eligible for a X, X’, Y, and Z.  All policies that apply to HSCP members will apply, include the policies regarding billing and all outside income that must be reported.
  2. The faculty can return as a non-member of the comp plan.  Their salary will be at the X+X’ rate that was in place at the time of their retirement, and they will NOT be eligible for additional compensation (e.g., Y or Z components).

Recall for Teaching

Recalls for teaching must be paid as quarterly 09/09 basis/paid over academic year appointments:

  • Fall: October-December
  • Winter: January-March
  • Spring: April-June

Recall for Research

Recalls for research only must be paid as 11/12 basis/paid over fiscal year appointments.  Nine-month academic year professorial salaries must be converted to the equivalent eleven-month fiscal year researcher salary.  (Refer to current salary scales for equivalent on-scale fiscal year salary rates; to calculate off-scale or Above Scale equivalent for fiscal year salary, multiply the current academic year salary by 1.16 and round to the nearest $100).

Recall for Teaching and Research

Recalls for a combination of teaching and research will require two separate appointments, based on the criteria noted above.  The combined appointment effort cannot exceed 43% time per month. Research appointment distributions must be reduced accordingly during quarter of teaching

Total Allowable Salary

The 43% time per month limitation applies to all sources of recall compensation.  Compensation for Summer Session will require approval from Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost in accordance with University policy.

Titles and Title Codes for Recalls

Title CodeTitleWhen to Use
1700Recall TeachingFor recall appointees with teaching duties only.
1701Recall HCOMPFor recall appointees who are members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan.
1702Recall FacultyFor recall appointees with a combination of teaching, research, clinical, and/or administrative duties. Also, title code 1702 is used for recall appointees with only one of these duties, except for teaching.
3802Recall Non-Faculty AcadFor recall non-faculty academic appointees such as Academic Coordinators, Academic Administrators, Professorial Research Series, Specialists, and Librarians

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