SVSH Policy — Peer Review Committee

President Napolitano appointed a Joint Committee of the Administration and Senate in October 2015 to examine the processes and policies governing the investigation, adjudication, and sanctioning of sexual violence and sexual harassment cases involving faculty.   In May 2016, the Joint Committee provided to the President numerous recommendations, including creating a campus Peer Review Committee (PRC) “to review and advise the Chancellor (and his designee) on recommended discipline regarding early/alternative resolutions in faculty SVSH cases.”  This recommendation is now a part of the University of California’s Sexual Violence Sexual Harassment Policy and UCI Sexual Harassment and Sex Offense Investigation and Adjudication Framework for Staff, Non- Faculty Academic Personnel, Senate Faculty and Non-Senate Faculty.

The UCI Peer Review Committee has been constituted since February 2017 and provides a recommendation of discipline in all SVSH cases involving a faculty respondent in which an OEOD investigative report results in a finding. There are five members, nominated by the academic senate, serving a three-year term.  In consultation with the Academic Senate and the founding PRC committee members, the PRC membership will be expanded to eight (8) members in Fall 2018 and eventually to a total of ten (10) members by February 2019.

Current PRC committee members:

  • William Molzon, Physical Sciences
  • Nasrin Rahimieh, Humanities
  • Richard T. Robertson, Medicine
  • Dominik Wodarz, Public Health
  • Sandra Irani, Computer Science
  • Francesca Polletta, Sociology

For questions, please contact Kristin Beattie, Director Academic Labor and Employee Relations.

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