The University of California, Irvine welcomes scholars from outside institutions. The campus recognizes these scholars’ important intellectual contributions with the Visiting Scholar or Visitor designation. Visitor and Visiting Scholar appointments must comply with the requirements in Academic Personnel Manual 430.

Definitions and Limitations

  • A Visiting Scholar must possess a terminal degree or foreign equivalent.
  • A Visitor (graduate or undergraduate student) must be enrolled in a degree-granting program or equivalent at a non-University of California institution of higher education.
    • Visitors and Visiting Scholars must serve an academic purpose for the unit/department visited.

Visiting Scholars and Visitors may not engage in teaching, patient care, or clinical service.

An individual may not hold a “Visiting Scholar” or “Visitor” title if the individual holds any of the following affiliations with any University of California campus:

  • registered student
  • contractor
  • any appointment/employment

In some cases, the following titles may be a better fit:

NOTE: During their appointments, Visiting Scholars/Visitors are bound by the rules and policies of the University of California, including but not limited to, those governing ownership of intellectual property rights, safety, and harassment. The University reserves the right to withdraw Visiting Scholar/Visitor privileges and terminate the appointment without prior notice.

Appointment — Process and Requirements

NOTE: Appointments are not to exceed one year (12 months) and are non-renewable.

Any interested prospective Visiting Scholar/Visitor should approach the appropriate Department/Unit regarding sponsorship of an appointment.

Once a Department/Unit has agreed to sponsor, the following needs to be completed:

  1. If a visa scholarship is needed from UCI, please refer to the International Center website for more information.
  2. Department submits a Visiting Scholar/Visitor Request Packet containing:
    • Appointment Request Form (UCI-AP-VS1).
    • Proof of status, if applicable.
    • For Visitors only — copy of student identification card or enrollment form from a non-University of California institution of high education where the student is enrolled in a degree-granting program.
    • Updated curriculum vitae (CV) or resume.  Please include terminal degree and institution for Visiting Scholars.
    • Completed Form UCI-AP-9.
    • Proof of medical insurance showing effective dates (policy statement or coverage card are acceptable).
    • Voluntary Activity Waiver signed by the Visiting Scholar/Visitor.
    • Visiting Scholar/Visitor signs the Oath and Patent Acknowledgement no later than first day of appointment.
  3. The packet should be submitted to your Dean’s Office.
    • Please submit Visiting Scholar application packet 2 weeks prior to the begin date.
    • All Visiting Scholar applicants holding a visa processed through UCI International Center, require export control clearance before Dean final approval.
    • Please submit the VS-1 form and Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume  to Office of Research for export control clearance,
  4. If your Dean’s Office has approved the Visiting Scholar application, a copy of the signed Visiting Scholar/Visitor Appointment Request Form (UCI-AP-VS1) is shared with the Department.
    • Department is responsible for informing Visiting Scholar/Visitor of the appointment status and entering them in UCPath as contingent workers.
    • The Dean’s Office will be the Office of Record for Visiting Scholars.

Once the appointment has been approved the Visiting Scholar/Visitor must:

  • Request a UCInetID from their sponsoring Department/Unit
    • This should be generated when the Department/Unit completes on-boarding.
  • Complete UC Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Complete all safety and compliance training required for research project and position
  • If interested in a library card, please see Get a Library Card


Visiting Scholars/Visitors are not employees of the University, and should be entered into UCPath as Contingent Workers.

  • Visiting Scholars/Visitors are ineligible for compensations or payments in lieu of salary, and must be self-supported or have adequate external support for the duration of their appointments (this includes housing/living arrangements).

Department may provide Visiting Scholars/Visitors with reimbursement:

  • of travel expenses, if the expenses are for University business
  • of incidental research expenses
  • of health insurance and/or professional liability insurance, if appropriate or required

For  more information, see Business and Finance Bulletin G-28 for guidelines related to reimbursement of business and travel expenses.

Visiting Scholars/Visitors may be eligible for support:

  • in the form of cost of living allowance
  • to help defray the amount of money spent on food, cloth, housing, and other basic necessities


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