Academic Labor Relations

UC Irvine Office of Academic Personnel is responsible for the administration, implementation, and complaint resolution processes of the academic collective bargaining agreements (CBAs). This office is responsible for communication with the campus constituents on issues regarding collective bargaining, grievance processes, changes in labor contracts for the following academic units:

United Auto Workers (UAW)

  • Academic Researchers Unit (AR)
  • Academic Student Employees (BX)
  • Graduate Student Researchers (BR)
  • Postdoctoral Scholars (PX)

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

  • Non-Senate Instructional Unit (IX)
  • Professional Librarians (LX)

All contract grievances should be submitted directly to:

Contact Information

Kristin Beattie
Academic Labor and Employee Relations Director
(949) 824-5103

Kelly Lindlar
Academic Labor and Employee Relations Associate Director
(949) 824-2139

Vanissa Tsang
Academic Labor and Employee Relations Project Analyst
(949) 824-3470

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