Summer Compensation

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Academic Personnel Procedures (APP) for Summer Salary

APP 9-50: Summer Compensation General Guidelines: Academic personnel policies and procedures regarding summer compensation. Defines eligibility by academic title and summaries appropriate pay basis and salary rate for different types of summer appointments. Resources for additional summer compensation — or “summer salary” — for employment during the summer service period (in the case of academic-year appointees) or during the vacation period (in the case of fiscal-year appointees).

APP 9-51: Summer Salary – Jobs and Salary Calculation: Describes the different types of appointments that a faculty member or other academic appointee may hold during the summer service period and the procedures to follow for calculating the applicable salary.

APP 9-52: Summer Salary Online Data Entry Guidelines: Provides steps on how to enter summer salary additional compensation into UCPath with resources to job aids.

Earn Codes

For a complete list of summer salary EARN codes, please refer to UCPath Earn Code mapping. 

ACAAdditional Compensation - Administrative
Used for all academic-year eligible faculty who serve in an administrative capacity (e.g., Chair) during the summer. Payment is at the 1/9th rate of pay. For AY academic appointees eligible for the employer/employee 403(b) contribution on summer salary.
ACRAdditional Compensation - Research
Used for academic-year eligible faculty who are paid for summer additional compensation for research; payment is at the 1/9th rate. For AY academic appointees eligible for the employer/employee 403(b) contribution on summer salary.
Additional Compensation - FY Research
Used for exceptional payment of one-twelfth of annual salary for FY academic appointees for research performed in lieu of vacation days; appropriate number of accrued vacation days must be charged. For fiscal year academic appointees – FY are NOT eligible for the employer/employee 403(b) contribution on summer salary.

APM 190, Appendix G:  Retirement Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary

The total contribution rate is 7% of eligible summer salary, based on an employee pretax contribution of 3.5% and an employer matching contribution of 3.5%. This means a 3.5% employee out-of-pocket, pretax deduction, matched by an equal amount assessed to the fund source(s) used to pay the summer salary payment(s), for a total of 7% credited to the employee’s 403(b) investment choice.

Please refer to APM 190, Appendix G – for information regarding the retirement contribution on academic summer salary

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