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1--Authorization to Release Information Form2020-07
2--Emeritus Status Approval Form2020-07
3 UPAY 560TTemporary Inter-Location or Multi-Location Appointment Form2011-08
4UPAY 644C-TInterlocation One-Time Payment Form2011-08
b UCI-AP-5State Fund Exception Request2010-04
b1 UCI-AP-9Academic Personal Data Sheet 2009-01
c UCI-AP-9AAcademic Personal Data Sheet and Career History & Publication
List Instructions
c1 UCI-AP-10Addendum Form2022-06
d1 UCI-AP-11Identification And Qualifications of External Referees 2020-01
d2UCI-AP-12Department Letter Short Form2021-12
e UCI-AP-14Appointment/ReappointmentChecklist for Department Chairs2007-09
e1 UCI-AP-15Chair's Guide for Academic Personnel Reviews 2017-06
f UCI-AP-20Appointment Summary 2020-03
f1 UCI-AP-21
Non-Senate Academic Term Appointee Employment Form
For Academic Researchers Unit, use UC-AP-RA1
g UCI-AP-22Action Summary 2020-03
i UCI-AP-30Appointment Checklist- All Academic Series2021-12
i1 UCI-AP-31Change of Series Checklist- All Academic Series2021-12
l UCI-AP-34Promotion/Advancement to Above Scale/ Above Scale Merit Increase Checklist
All Academic Series
l1 UCI-AP-35Normal Merit Increase, Accelerated Merit Increase, Reappointment, No Change, Fifth Year Review or Performance Review Checklists
All Academic Series
m UCI-AP-37Midcareer Appraisal Documentation Checklist 2021-12
m1 UCI-AP-38Postponement of Tenure Review/Senate Promotion Checklist2021-12
n UCI-AP-50Certification Statement for Academic Personnel Reviews2009-12
n1 UCI-AP-50ACertification Statement for Additional Information added to Academic Review2008-08
o UCI-AP-51Request for Summary or Redacted Copy of Confidential Material in Academic Personnel Review Files2008-08
o1 UCI-AP-52UCI Career Equity Review Authorization Form2011-11
p UCI-AP-52AUCI Career Equity Review Checklist2017-07
p1 UCI-AP-53Statement of Departmental Voting Procedures2020-06
q1 UCI-AP-56Professional Research Series- Documentation Summary2015-12
r UCI-AP-57Academic Recall2015-06
r1 UCI-AP-57-SOMAcademic Recall- School of Medicine2016-10
s UCI-AP-60Academic Student Appointment Information- Teaching Assistant, Associates, and Teaching Fellows2016-08
s1 UCI-AP-61Academic Student Appointment Information- Graduate Student Tutors and Readers2016-08
t UCI-AP-62Academic Student Appointment Information- Undergraduate Student Tutors and Readers2016-05
t1 UCI-AP-63Academic Student Employees- Request for Access to Employment Files2008-08
u UCI-AP-70One-Time Payment Authorization Form2021-05
v1 UCI-AP-75Sabbatical Leave of Absence Form1997-04
v2 UCI-AP-76Leave of Absence Form2022-05
v3 UCI-AP-78Catastrophic Leave Program- Donation Request2012-06
x UCI-AP-79Catastrophic Leave Program- Request Form2012-06
x1 UCI-AP-85Permanent Residency- Sponsorship Form2019-06
w UCI-AP-90Family Friendly and Child Rearing Instructions2021-12
w1 UCI-AP-91Modified Duties Request/Certification Form2019-03
w2 UCI-AP-92Stop the Clock Certification Form2021-09
w3 UCI-AP-93Funding for Teaching Release for Birth or Adoption of Child(ren) — Professor and Lecturer with Security of Employment Series2021-10
w4 UCI-AP-94Family Friendly Checklist for Academic Appointees2021-12
w5 UCI-AP-99Academic- Career History & Publication Record2018-01
x UCI-AP-137ATerm Appointment- Supplemental Non-Senate Form
Not required for those in the Academic Researchers Unit
x1 UCI-AP-145Layoff or Involuntary Reduction In Time for Non-Senate Academic Appointee Checklist2009-08
x2UCI-AP-AEFAdditional UC Compensation and Academic Enrichment Funds (AEFs) Election Form2020-05
y UCI-AP-COC1Report of Outside Professional Activities For Deans and Faculty Administrators (100% Time)2017-10
y1 UCI-AP-COC4Category I and II Conflict of Commitment and Outside Activities of Faculty Members — Dean's Office Summary 2018-11
y2aUCI-AP-COIPotential Conflict of Interest2021-08
y2b UCI-AP-ICMDInterim COVID-19 Modified Duties (ICMD) Shared Funding Request2020-12
y2c UCI-AP-ICRRPInterim COVID-19 Research Recovery Program (ICRRP)2022-07
y2d UCI-AP-IX1Pre-Six Year Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Employment Form2022-05
y4 UCI-AP-IX3Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Documentation Checklist (Excellence or Merit Review)2017-08
y5 UCI-AP-IX4Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Excellence Review2017-09
y6 UCI-AP-IX5Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Merit Review2017-09
y7 UCI-AP-IX6Certification Statement for Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Appointees2016-04
y8 UCI-AP-IX7Continuing Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Employment Form2022-05
y9 UCI-AP-IX8Continuing Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Temporary Augmentation2022-05
z UCI-AP-IX9Non-Senate Faculty (Unit 18) Documentation Summary2022-10
z1 UCI-AP-IX10Identification and Qualifications of External Referees for Unit 18 Actions2016-04
z2 UCI-AP-IX11Pre-Six Unit 18 Faculty Statement of Interest for Reappointment Consideration2022-05
z2a UCI-AP-IX12Pre-Six Unit 18 Faculty Supplemental Assignment Form2022-08
z2b UCI-AP-IX13Unit 18 Faculty Senior Continuing Promotion Review2022-11
z3 UCI-AP-PX1Postdoctoral Scholar Employment Form2020-02
z4 UCI-AP-PX2Postdoctoral Scholar Employment Documentation Checklist2019-01
z5 UCI-AP-PX3Postdoctoral Scholar Annual Review- Progress Assessment2016-05
z6 UCI-AP-RA1Academic Researchers Unit Employment Form2020-03
z7 UCI-AP-VS1Visitor Appointment Form2019-06

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