Processing Permanent Residence Authorization

Please visit the new University of California Immigration Page, which has news, resources and support for those affected by executive orders on immigration.

Eligible Titles

Academic Personnel can assist with permanent residency applications for the following titles:

    • Acting Assistant Professor
    • Assistant Professor
    • Associate Professor
    • Professor
    • Lecturer with Potential/Security of Employment

Please include a Statement of Commitment for a minimum three years of support for the following titles:

    • Associate and full Professors In Residence
    • Associate and full Professors of Clinical “X”
    • Associate and full ranks of the Health Sciences Clinical Professor series

Application Process

Requests must be initiated by the department. As soon as possible, the department should complete Form AP-85, have it signed by the Chair and Dean, and forward to the Office of Academic Personnel for authorization by the Vice Provost. Once signed, this form authorizes initiation of the case with outside counsel and records how the costs are to be billed.

Timing of Request

Permanent Residency petitions generally take some time  to process, and for certain pathways, they must be filed within a certain time frame after the date on the offer letter. For other pathways, the employee must have three years of teaching or research experience. UCI’s outside immigration counsel can help your employee determine the best pathway.


The department is responsible for all fees and costs. For ladder-rank faculty, the department may request up to 50% cost sharing with Academic Personnel. Once the law firm renders the service and bills the University, Academic Personnel will divide the costs and charge the department/unit for its share of the fees. Please take note that the University does not cover legal expenses and fees for dependents, and that employees themselves will be responsible for all such expenditures incurred in their cases. The department should consult AP first before considering asking the employee to pay for their own permanent residency expenses.

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