Distinguished Visiting Professor Initiative

UPDATED 7.1.20
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New nominations suspended for 2021-2022. Multiyear commitments to current faculty in the distinguished visiting professor program will continue, contingent on positive review of annual renewal application.


Attract a cohort of high impact scholars who are also inspirational leaders and educators to the campus for one in-residence quarter per year for up to 5 years.

Description to Deans: Deans should ask his/her faculty to identify highly successful distinguished faculty who would be interested in coming to UCI as a Distinguished Visiting Professor for up to one quarter/year for 3-5 years. The ideal candidate/s will have unique skills that will contribute to increasing UCI’s visibility and research impact, for example by working with faculty to develop proposals for externally funded research centers and program grants. In addition, they will serve as inspirational leaders and educators for our students, through teaching innovative courses and/or mentoring undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs. Candidates should contribute to inclusive excellence.

Visiting Professor Terms:

  • 4 weeks up to 1 quarter/year, for 3-5 years.
  • Single individual for multiple years or a group of individuals in a coordinated area, each coming in sequential years.
    • Program will provide replacement salary equivalent to home institution up to a maximum
      of 80K (no health care or retirement benefits provided).

      • Year 1: Provost covers full cost
      • Year 2: Provost 75%, School 25%
      • Year 3: Provost 50%, School 50%
      • Year 4, 5: School 100%
    • Encourage residence on-campus to facilitate interaction with campus community.
      • Provost office will provide up to 6K/yr/faculty to defray costs of on-campus rental.
    • Program will support up to 3 additional visiting professors for the coming year.
    • Eligibility: Faculty with full time or emeritus appointments at a university. Will also consider individuals from national labs, Federal agencies, industry, and theater/art programs.

Nomination packages should include:

  • Applicant CV
  • Terms proposed
    • Starting quarter (ex: Fall 2019) and total number of years.
    • Number of weeks and salary replacement cost expected.
    • Request for on campus rental priority if applicable.
  • Nomination letter from the Department, and Dept. Vote (2 pages maximum)
    • Description of how candidates background and skills will enrich the campus.
    • Specific activities the candidate will engage in while in residence.
    • How the candidate will contribute to inclusive excellence.
  • Support letter from Chair, and Support letter from Dean.
  • Submit to Office of Academic Personnel on Nov 15, 2019 and March 13, 2020.

Selection: review by

  • Committee composed of 3 VPs (Academic Personnel; Academic Planning;Teaching and Learning; Graduate Studies) and 2 Senate members.
  • VP of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • Provost will have final approval authority.

Yearly Impact Report:

  • Summary of visiting professor’s activities and impact on the community from the visit and plans for the upcoming renewal, in addition to letter of support from the department chair and dean.
  • Due in Office of AP at least 12 weeks prior to renewal.
  • Selection committee will review. Provost has final authority for approving continued funding.

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