APP 3-60: Merit and Promotion File Documentation for Academic Senate Titles

Describes the components of a merit, promotion, mid-career appraisal, or tenure review file, including the base file, confidential outside letters, and recommendations from the department, chair, and dean.

The Council on Academic Personnel (CAP) receives merit and promotion dossiers that vary greatly in quality and thoroughness of preparation. Although procedures are indicated in the University of California’s Academic Personnel Manual and the UC Irvine Academic Personnel Procedures Manual (this manual), CAP believes that some matters need clarification. CAP offers the following suggestions on the preparation of dossiers and information about items it considers important.

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Summary: Stages of Review and the Dossier
A. Base File
B. External Letters
C. Summaries of Confidential Material and Response
D. Department Letter
E. Summary of Departmental Recommendation and Response
F. Certification Statement and Academic Personnel Action Summary
G. Assembling the Dossier
H. Chair's and Dean's Recommendation
I. Short Form for Normal Merit Increases and First No Change Requests

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