APP 3-40: Types of Action

Describes normal, accelerated, and decelerated actions. A list of possible actions and their definitions may be found in APP 3-30, Appendix II, Annual Progress Report.

Scope of Reviews: Cases for normal merit increases and accelerations through the level of Professor, Step V are judged on the basis of accomplishments since the last action. Cases for promotion (to Associate Professor, Professor, Professor VI through VIII, or Above Scale) are judged on the basis both of accomplishments since the last action and of cumulative accomplishments.

After the required consultation with members of the faculty, a department may recommend one of the following actions detailed in the sections below.

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A. Normal Merit Increase or Normal Promotion
B. Accelerated Merit Increase or Promotion
C. No Advancement
Appendix I: Normal Time at Step (With Overlapping Steps)
Appendix II: UCI Senate (CAP) Statement on No Changes

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