APP 1-12: Academic Personnel Review Process

The following guidelines, which are based on policy found in APM Sections 160 and 220-80, are designed to assure fairness in the academic personnel review process. They set out the procedures to be followed to allow each faculty member access to information in his/her review file and the opportunity to comment on that information, as prescribed by University policy.

These procedures should be used for reviews involving most academic employees (titles specified in APM Policy 160-20-c (6)), modified as appropriate to departmental and campus procedures for actions in each series. For actions in some series, for example, consideration by the whole department is normally not required. For reviews concerning librarians or members of the Non-Senate Instructional Unit, consult the appropriate MOU.

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A. Chair Initiates Review
B. Chair Solicits Confidential Letters
C. Chair Provides Candidate with Access to Information
D. Department Determines Appropriate Recommendation
E. Chair Informs Candidate of Departmental Recommendation
F. Opportunity to Provide Additional Information
G. Candidate's Access to Completed Review
H. Additional Safeguards for Tenure Reviews
I. Special Considerations

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