APP 7-43: Childrearing Leave

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A. General Policy

Childrearing leave consists of parental bonding leave and/or parental leave.

  1. Parental Bonding Leave: a leave without salary granted for the purpose of caring for and bonding with a newborn child or a child newly placed for adoption or foster care, and to attend to matters related to the birth, adoption, or placement of the child.
    1. Normally, this leave combined with Childbearing Leave and/or Active Service-Modified Duties may not exceed one year for each birth or adoption (APM 760-27, and 760-35).
    2. If eligible for Family and Medical Leave (FML), up to 12 workweeks of the parental bonding leave will run concurrently with FML, (APM 760-27-b).
    3. Parental Bonding leave (Baby Bonding leave) must be concluded within twelve (12) months following the birth or placement of the child or children.
    4. The aggregate duration of all leaves, plus periods of Active Service-Modified duties, may not exceed one year per single birth/adoption.
  2. Parental Leave: a leave normally without salary. Full-time or part-time parental leave without pay for one year to care for a child (parental leave). The child may be the appointee’s child or that of a spouse or domestic partner.
  3. Pay Status:
    1. Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB): Effective July 1, 2021, Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFCB) provides a pay option for block leave taken in minimum one workweek block increments for family and medical leave (FML) qualifying reasons (APP 7-45).  If leave is to be other than without salary, provide an explanation (if appropriate, vacation/leave usage).
    2. Other Pay Options During a Childrearing Leave: Appointee have the option to use accrued sick or vacation leave may be used, during a Parental Bonding Leave or Parental Leave that would otherwise be unpaid.
  4. Who is eligible: Birth, adopting and foster parents.
B. Leave Request
  1. Complete the Leave of Absence form AP-UCI-76.
    1. Specify start and end dates; for academic year appointees, these should correspond with the beginning and end of a quarter.
    2. Final Approval Authority:
      1. Seven calendar days or less:  Department Chair
      2. Eight calendar days or more:  Vice Provost
  2. Complete Family Medical Leave Form
NOTE: Family and Medical Leave (FML): See the UCI Family and Medical Leave Guidelines for Academics.

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