APP 7-19: Leaves of Absence — Jury Duty

Jury service is a public responsibility which University personnel should meet. Academic appointees are eligible to participate in jury duty at their normal rate and percentage of pay.  No official leave request is necessary for jury duty.


  1. Accepting Jury Duty — An academic appointee who has been called to jury service should discuss the required absence from University duties with the department chair. Jury service will not affect the pay status of the appointee, and it is not necessary to file for leave of absence. Chairs or supervisors may request documentation of actual days spent in jury.
  2. Duration — In cases when jury duty absence would create a hardship on the University, it is the employee’s responsibility to seek postponement and/or excuse from service. The individual may request a letter from the department chair describing the nature of the hardship to present to the court as an excuse from jury duty service. However, the University cannot guarantee that an excuse will be granted.

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