APP 9-52: Summer Salary Online Data Entry Guidelines

Contains information for department staff who process actions into the Payroll/Personnel Online System (PPS) and for timekeepers. The information in this section of the APP is designed to supplement the procedures for academic summer additional compensation which can be found in the Payroll/Personnel Online System Procedures manual, Additional Employment (blue tab), Section 6.6 – Academic Summer Salary.

Internal procedures for routing information about summer appointments will vary within each school. Depending on the department’s organizational structure, the responsibilities for processing payments may need to be coordinated among the staff who are PPS preparers, timekeepers, and bookkeepers. Therefore, the information contained in this section is set out as a general guide for departments. PPS Preparers should determine who will need to be informed and copied on summer appointment information.

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A. Online Payment Processing Procedures
B. Payment Schedule
C. Time Reporting
D. Vacation Leave Usage
Appendix I: Summer Salary Online Exhibits Listing

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