Leaves and Family Friendly Policies – FAQ

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

1. What is the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?
2. Is FMLA a paid leave?
3. Does the Family and Medical Leave Act apply to academic appointments?
4. I am asking for a leave to care for a seriously ill family member. What forms should I submit?

Leaves of Absence – General

5. I am an academic appointee and have to take time off for my own serious health condition, but I do not accrue sick leave. How many months of paid leave am I entitled to?
6. My mother passed away in a foreign county and I need time off for bereavement.

Childbearing and Childrearing – Leaves

7. What is Childbearing Leave?
8. What is Pregnancy Disability Leave?
9. What is Parental Leave Without Pay?
10. Do I have to take my childbearing leave all at once?
11. I am an academic appointee and am requesting a Parental Leave for child bonding. What form(s) do I need to submit?
12. I am a male faculty member and my wife is pregnant. I plan to request paternity leave. What options do I have?

Childbearing and Childrearing – General Questions

13. Is there any accommodation if a pregnant academic appointee cannot perform her regular work duties?
14. Both my wife and I are faculty members; and we are expecting a baby. What options regarding leaves do we have once our baby is born?
15. I am a ladder rank faculty member and a birth mother. I heard I can get childbearing leave for two quarters. Is this true?
16. If I am adopting a child, what rules apply?
17. If I am becoming a parent through surrogacy, what rules apply to me in terms of leaves and Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD)?
18. I am an academic-year appointee and had my baby during the summer. Do I need to submit a leave form?
19. I had my baby in August. In September, I decided to take time off during Fall quarter to care for and bond with my child. What are my options?
20. I am an academic-year female faculty member who is pregnant and expecting to deliver my baby at the end of the Spring quarter. May I take my maternity leave during the following Fall quarter? May I get summer salary during the summer?

Childbearing and Childrearing – Active Service-Modified Duties (ASMD)

21. What is Active Service-Modified Duties (ASMD)?
22. Who is eligible for Active Service-Modified Duties (ASMD)?
23. I am an assistant professor, newly appointed as of July 1, and had a child in August. Do I qualify for Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD)? If so, how many quarters?
24. I am a non-senate academic appointee. Am I eligible to request Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD) when I have a qualifying event related to childbearing or childrearing?
25. If an eligible academic appointee plans to apply for a quarter of Active-Service Modified Duties (ASMD), when should s/he make that request?
26. If a faculty member is approved for Active-Service Modified Duties (ASMD) and is scheduled to teach more than one course during the quarter when he or she will be released from teaching, does the faculty member get to choose the course from which he or she will be released?
27. If a faculty member is approved for Active-Service Modified Duties (ASMD), will his or her department be reimbursed for the cost of teaching replacement?
28. Does an academic appointee still accrue sabbatical credits during a quarter which s/he is on Active-Service Modified Duties (ASMD)?

Childbearing and Childrearing – Personnel Reviews

29. What is the effect on the eight-year limitation of service for an Assistant level faculty who has had a childbearing or parental leave?
30. What is Stop the Clock for the Care of a Child or Children?
31. I'm an Assistant Professor; and I just had a baby. Can I “Stop the Clock?”
32. I’ve already “Stopped the Clock,” do I also have the option to postpone my tenure review?
33. I’m an Assistant Professor and I just had a baby. Can I defer a merit review automatically? Can I defer a mid-career appraisal automatically?
34. I am a faculty member who was recently promoted to Associate Professor. I recently had two children — within the last three years. I did not request to stop the clock for either birth. Am I eligible, in the future, to postpone a personnel review?

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