APP 3-10: Appointment Policies

Covers such issues as recruitment deadlines, and proposing an appropriate title, step, and salary.

An appointment (as distinguished from a reappointment, merit increase, or promotion) occurs when a person is employed with the University for the first time, or when a University employee is appointed to a title in a different personnel program or academic series. This section will cover some of the University and campus policies pertaining to the appointment of members of the Academic Senate (see APP 1-20 for a list of Senate titles); however, all persons involved in the appointment review process must also refer to policies contained in the Academic Personnel Manual and pertinent sections of this manual for more detailed statements of policies affecting use of titles, criteria for appointment, affirmative action, the review process, etc.

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A. Responsibilities of Department Chair
B. Salaries
C. Other Appointments
D. Voluntary Intracampus Transfers

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