APP 2-10 General Recruitment Guidelines

Describes the process to be used for recruiting the best faculty by ensuring a large and diverse pool of qualified candidates.

The following requirements must be fulfilled before an academic appointment recommendation in the Professor series or equivalent ranks is submitted to Academic Personnel. For other series, use these requirements as a general guide, modifying them as appropriate for the series. Since the pool of candidates for almost all academic positions is a national pool, national advertising is appropriate in almost all cases.

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A. Budgeted Provision (FTE)
B. Description of Need
C. Advertising
D. Other Recruitment Activities
E. Search Committee
F. Pool of Candidates
G. Selection Process
H. Search Activities Statement
I. Record Retention
J. Transfer to the Professor Series from Another Academic Title at UCI
K. Search Waivers
L. Aggregate Recruiting
M. Summary of Required Steps
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