2020 Pay Equity Study Results: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ladder Rank Salary Data

The salary data for all Ladder Rank Faculty in Pharmaceutical Sciences are plotted below.
As a function of rank, step, and gender:

As a function of rank, step, and ethnicity:

Multiple Linear Regression Analysis

Multiple regression analysis of salary vs rank/step. Given that there are no Asian women or URM males in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, interaction analyses are not provided.

Progression Analysis

The progression data for all Pharmaceutical Sciences Ladder Rank Faculty, are plotted below.  Normative progression is defined in the Progression Matrix.

Progress by gender:

Progress by ethnicity:

Progress Rate Analysis

Using a simple t-test, the results indicate that there is no statistically significant difference in progression rate means by either gender or ethnicity when compared to white male faculty. However, female faculty progress at a rate that is 0.44 years slower than white males. After using multivariate regression to adjust for experience, discipline, and initial rank, there was no statistically significant difference in rates of progression between white men, women, URM, or Asian faculty. Normative progression is defined in the Progression Matrix.

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