APP 7-40: Family Friendly Policies

UC Irvine’s Family Friendly Policy is intended to assist academic appointees in balancing the needs of work and family.  Here are the four types of Family Friendly Policies that are available to academic appointees:

  1. Childbearing Leave (APM 760-25)
  2. Active Service-Modified Duties (APM 760-28)
  3. Parental Leave (APM 760-27)
  4. Stopping the clock for the care of a child or children (APM 760-30 & APM 133-17)


TypeChildbearing LeaveActive Service - Modified Duties Parental Bonding Leave

Parental Leave
Childrearing Stop the Clock
Pay StatusMay be with or without salary Normal salary Without salary

Pay for Family Care and Bonding 2
Normal salary
University Duties None Modified NoneNormal duties
Time to Count Toward Sabbatical If Employee Is Eligible See APM 760-35-d YesNo Yes
Time to Count Toward 8-yr. Clock* No, if leave equal to or greater than one quarter, time is automatically excluded YesNo, if leave equal to or greater than one quarter, time is automatically excluded Maximum of two years total
extension 3
Duration/LimitationsNormally up to 8 weeks Combined total of Act. Serv./Mod. Duties plus Childbearing not to exceed 3 qtrs. for each birth or adoption FML - up to 12 work weeksThis, combined with any of the above exclusions/extensions, may not exceed one year for each birth or adoption
Primary (50% or more) Responsibility RequiredNo Yes No Yes

1 Periods less than one full year may not affect the tenure/promotion review date.

2 Effective July 1, 2021, PFCB provides a pay option for block leave taken in minimum one workweek block increments for family and medical leave (FML) qualifying reasons (APP 7-45).

3 Third Year COVID Stop the Clock request by exception.

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