Academic Summer Salary 2022

Academic Summer Salary information for 2022 has now been updated on the AP website at:


The 2022 summer service period begins June 13, 2022 and ends September 16, 2022.

Please continue to refer to the summer additional compensation guidelines in the Academic Personnel Procedures Manual (APP), when processing summer salary.

  • APP 9-50 provides an overview and description of additional compensation policies,
  • APP 9-51 describes summer salary jobs and salary calculations,
  • APP 9-52 gives detailed guidance on UCPath Entry/Update and Time Reporting.

These sections are to be used in conjunction with the appropriate sections of the UCPath Transactional Users page. This page serves as a resource for Initiators and Approvers, and provides additional guidance to assist with UCPath transactions.


Please use the updated 2022 Summer Salary Worksheet and enable macros when prompted for full functionality. A reference guide to assist in completing the worksheet can be found here.


  • If a faculty member has received approval to participate in the Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP), be sure to use the Total UC Salary (TUCS) when calculating summer salary.
  • Be sure that appropriate approvals have been received prior to UCPath entry/update of summer salary jobs.
  • For faculty who have received their Dean’s approval for a third ninth of summer salary, it is NOT possible to work 57 days between 7/01/22 and 9/16/22. It will be necessary to work 1 day in the June 2022 Summer Service period in order to complete a full 57 days.
  • There are two ways to set up summer salary in UCPath, (1) effort bearing (concurrent hire), (2) non-effort bearing (additional pay)
  • Update Position and Job attributes as needed (i.e., job codes, salary admin plan, and earn codes) for concurrent jobs.
  • Refer to the Unpaid Cap Gap job aid for faculty who are not fully funding their salary above an agency cap.


DHHS (includes NIH, HRSA, AHRQ, CDC, DMS, SAMSA, and other agencies)

Executive Level II

 Current Salary Cap
 (January 2, 2022 to Present)
 Previous Salary Cap
(January 3, 2021 through January 1, 2022)
 $203,700 annual capped salary
 $16,975 monthly capped salary
 $199,300 annual capped salary
 $16,608.33 monthly capped salary

Please direct any questions regarding the DHHS salary cap to the Contracts and Grant Officer assigned to your unit.


Be sure to update earn codes in Job Earning Distribution (JED) or Additional Pay when entering transactions for summer salary.

  • ACA – to be used for all academic-year eligible faculty who serve in an administrative capacity (e.g., Chair) during the summer. Payment is at the 1/9th rate of pay. For AY academic appointees eligible for the employer/employee 403(b) contribution on summer salary.
  • ACR – to be used for academic-year eligible faculty who are paid for summer additional compensation for research; payment is at the 1/9th rate. For AY appointees eligible for the employer/employee 403(b) contribution on summer salary.
  • AFR – to be used for exceptional one-twelfth of annual salary for FY academic appointees for research performed in lieu of vacation days; appropriate number of accrued vacation days must be charged. For fiscal year academic appointees – FY are NOT eligible for the employer/employee UC 403(b) contribution on summer salary.
  • GAP – to be used with when the cap gap will not be fully covered. UCPath will not pay the amount associated with this earn code.


The total contribution rate is 7% of eligible summer salary, based on an employee pretax contribution of 3.5% and an employer matching contribution of 3.5%. This means a 3.5% employee out-of-pocket, pretax deduction, matched by an equal amount assessed to the fund source(s) used to pay the summer salary payment(s), for a total of 7% credited to the employee’s 403(b) investment choice.

Please refer to APM 190, Appendix G – for information regarding the retirement contribution on academic summer salary.


  • Please contact your AP analyst if you have any questions regarding general guidelines and entry/update processing of jobs.
  • Please contact the Employee Experience Center (EEC) if you have any questions regarding summer additional compensation transactions.

Thank you,
Office of Academic Personnel

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