Academic Summer Salary 2019

Academic Summer Salary information for 2019 has now been updated on the AP website at:

The 2019 summer service period begins June 17, 2019 and ends September 20, 2019.

Please continue to refer to the summer additional compensation guidelines in the Academic Personnel Procedures Manual (APP), when processing summer salary. APP 9-50 provides an overview and description of additional compensation policies, APP 9-51 describes summer salary appointments and salary calculations, and APP 9-52 gives detailed guidance on PPS Entry/Update and Time Reporting.

These sections are to be used in conjunction with Section 6.6 of the PPS Procedures Manual and the appropriate sections of the OPTRS Time Reporting Manual.


Please use the updated 2019 Additional Compensation Worksheets (Word | PDF)


  • If faculty have received approval to participate in the Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP), be sure to use the Total UC Salary (TUCS) when calculating summer salary.
  • Be sure that appropriate approvals have been received prior to PPS entry/update of summer salary appointments.
  • For faculty who have received their Dean’s approval for a third ninth of summer salary, it is possible to work 57 days between 7/01/19 and 9/20/19.
  • Remember to enter Personnel Action Code 13 – Additional Employment for all summer salary additional compensation appointments.
  • Pay Schedule for Summer Salary payments is “MO” (Monthly Current).
  • Time Reporting Code for Summer Salary payments is “Z” (Positive), with the exception of the DHHS Salary Cap.
  • Use appropriate title codes, basis/paid over, and DOS codes for all summer salary appointments.

DHHS (includes NIH, HRSA, AHRQ, CDC, DMS, SAMSA, and other agencies)

Executive Level II

 Current Salary Cap
 (January 6, 2019 to Present)
 Previous Salary Cap
(January 7, 2018 through January 5, 2019)
 $192,300 annual capped salary
 $16,025 monthly capped salary
 $189,600 annual capped salary
 $15,800 monthly capped salary
Academic Personnel Salary Cap Resources:

Additional information regarding implementation of the appropriate salary rate cap may be found on the NIH website.

Please direct any questions regarding the DHHS salary cap to the Contracts and Grant Officer assigned to your unit.

Be sure to use current DOS codes when entering PPS transactions for summer salary – especially for NIH capped salary entries and for payment of summer salary for eligible fiscal year appointees (Deans, Fiscal Year Administrators, etc.)

ARC – to be used with NIH capped salary distributions. These appointments will still be entered under the appropriate 9/12 Researcher title code as the NIH capped rate is based on a 1/12th rate.

AAC – to be used with TC 3998 Salary Supplementation distributions.

AFR – to be used for exceptional payment of one-eleventh or one-twelfth of annual salary for FY academic appointees for research performed during vacation period; appropriate number of accrued vacation days must be charged. For fiscal year academic appointees – FY are NOT eligible for the employer/employee UC 403(b) contribution on summer salary.

APP 9-51, Appendix V, Description of Service Codes, reflects all of the current additional comp DOS codes. Please refer to this list before entering summer salary for 2019.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if an eligible 9-month faculty member is receiving ACA – additional summer compensation for administrative work (i.e., Chair) – a separate appointment should be set up in PPS under the appropriate academic year 1/9th professorial title code. ACA should not be combined with an ACR research appointment – see APP 9-52, Appendix I, On-Line Exhibit A


Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary

NOTE:  Summer Salary Benefit contributions are now being made to the UC 403(b) Plan instead of to the DC Plan. This change applies to all faculty who are, or may become, eligible for the Summer Salary Benefit.

The redirection of mandatory Summer Salary Benefit contributions to the UC 403(b) Plan became effective November 1, 2016. Summer Salary Benefit contributions (and related investment earnings) made before November 1, 2016, remain in the DC Plan. The total contribution rate will be 7% of eligible summer salary, based on an employee pretax contribution of 3.5% and an employer pretax contribution of 3.5%. This means that 3.5% will be deducted on a pretax basis from the individual's earnings and an additional 3.5% will be attributed to the same funding source that provides the summer salary.

If you earn Summer Salary for the first time on or after November 1, 2016, you will need to designate a fund for your Summer Salary Benefit contributions under the UC 403(b) Plan, or the contributions will default to an age-based UC Pathway Fund. Information regarding the UC Pathway Funds and other investment fund options can be found on the Get UCRSP Fund Menu Details page

Because the Summer Salary Benefit contributions are mandatory, they will not reduce the contribution limit on an academic appointee’s voluntary contributions to the UC 403(b) and/or 457(b) Plans.

Reference:  APM 190, Appendix G, Retirement Contributions on Academic Appointee Summer Salary


  • Please contact your AP analyst if you have any questions regarding general guidelines and entry/update processing of appointments.
  • Please contact Payroll if you have any questions regarding on-line time reporting of summer additional compensation.

Thank you,
Office of Academic Personnel

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