Society of Hellman Fellowship Awardees

Hellman FellowsDepartmentProject TitleYear Awarded
Samar Al-BulushiAnthropologyWar-Making as Worldmaking2022
Nadia ChernyakCognitive SciencesThe Development and Early Socialization of Wealth Concepts in Early Childhood2022
Benis EgohEarth System Science Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems Services2022
Ariyan JohnsonDanceLooking for Revelations2022
Yanning ShenElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceUnderstanding and Mitigating Bias in Machine Learning over Networks2022
Xiaoyu Shi Developmental and Cell BiologyUncover Cellular Mechanisms of Aging Using Super-Resolution Microscopy2022
Katherine Thompson-PeerDevelopmental and Cell BiologyIdentifying Genes Driving Neuron Regeneration After Injury Using Single Cell RNA-seq2022
Adeyemi AdeleyeCivil and Environmental Engineering Remediation of Metal-Contaminated Agricultural Soils Using Nanotechnology and Machine Learning2021
Swethaa BallakrishnenLawRethinking Inclusion: Diversity Performance(s) in Legal Institutions and Pipelines2021
Vibhuti RamachandranGlobal and International StudiesProducing the Trafficked Victim: Law, Prostitution, and NGO Intervention in India2021
Judit RomhanyiPhysics and Astronomy Z2 or not Z2? Topological Protection in Quantum Magnets2021
Christopher SeedsCriminology, Law and Society Care in the End: Understanding Incarcerated People’s Decisions about End of Life and Best Practices for Prison Hospice2021
Celia SymonsEcology and Evolutionary Biology Resilience to heatwaves: The Consequences of Multiple and Interacting Forms of Thermal Variability2021
Adrianna VillavicenioEducation Disrupting Racism in Schools: Studying the Outcomes of a Racial Justice Program2021
Elizabeth BessChemistryUsing Dietary Fiber to Harvest Novel Probiotics from the Human Gut Microbiome 2020
Lindsay GilmourDanceTibetan Ritual Dance in Monasteries and Nunneries: Preservation, Adaptation, and Innovation2020
Zoe KlemfussPsychological ScienceFacilitating Children's Disclosures of Maltreatment2020
Jenna RiisPsychological ScienceOral Health and Salivary Biomarkers2020
Sameer SinghComputer Science Explaining Decisions of Machine Learning Algorithms 2020
Mohammad Abdolhosseini QomiCivil and Environmental EngineeringResolving CO2-Rock-Brine Interfacial Reactions to Reduce Uncertainty in Geological Carbon Sequestration Models2019
Maura AllaireUrban Planning and Public PolicyReducing Disparity in Disaster Recovery by Modeling Social Vulnerabilities2019
Scott AtwoodDevelopmental and Cell BiologyImmune System Suppression of Tumor Growth2019
Jade JenkinsEducationThe Impacts of State Early Childhood Policies on Children with Disabilities2019
Samantha VorthermsPolitical ScienceEconomic Development Strategies and Local Citizenship in China2019
Constance IlohEducationThe Trajectories and Challenges of 'Some College Experience, No Degree' Returning Adult Students2018
Jaeho LeeMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringBio-Inspired Emitters for Dynamic Surface Cooling and All-Day Clean Water Generation2018
Stephen MahlerNeurobiology and BehaviorLong-Lasting Reward Circuit Changes Caused by Adolescent Exposure to Cannabinoid Drugs2018
Nicholas MarantzUrban Planning and Public PolicyThe Political Economy of Apartment Housing Coastal California2018
Ana MuñizCriminology, Law and SocietyDigital Border-Building through Gang Classification2018
Tingting NianPaul Merage School of BusinessGender Bias in the Online Tech World2018
Catherine SamehGender and Sexuality StudiesTransnational feminist responses to Islamophobia2018
Michelle DigmanBiomedical EngineeringNon-invasive imaging methods for predicting embryos with the best developmental potential2017
Hosun KangEducationPromoting complex thinking for under-represented youths in science classrooms by improving a local STEM instruction system2017
Mo LiCivil and Environmental EngineeringGeopolymers with Repeatable Self-Healing Functionality for Stustainable and Resilient Infrastructure2017
Sabrina StringsSociologyThin, White, and Saved: Fat Stigma and the Fear of the Big Black Body2017
Emily ThumaGender and Sexuality Studies"No More Cages": Gendered Violence, Feminist Mobilization, and the U.S. Carceral State"2017
Zeba WunderlichDevelopmental and Cell BiologyTranslating noisy signals into predictable developmental patterning2017
Jacob AverySociologyAmerican Reservation : An Ethnographic Study of Survival Strategies used among residents of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation2016
Marco LevoratoComputer ScienceThe Path Towards Smart Interconnected Communities2016
Elizabeth Martin BaileyPsychology and Social BehaviorResponse Coherence in Anhedonia2016
Davin PhoenixPolitical ScienceAnger Issues: The Impact of Race on Emotional Responses to Politics, and Implications for Action2016
Sergey ProninChemistrySynthesis of Systemic Ectoparasiticides for Malaria and Zika Fever Control2016
Sha SunDevelopmental and Cell BiologyEpigenetic Inheritance Mediated by Long Noncoding RNA2016
Mohammad Al FaruqueElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceTowards Secured Societal-Scale Cyber-Physical Transportation System.2015
Emily BaumHistorySpit, Chains, and Hospital Beds: A History of Madness in Republican China, 1911-1937.2015
Yilin HuMolecular Biology and BiochemistryEngineering chimeric proteins for biofuel production.2015
Litia PertaArtTidal Kinships2015
Seth PipkinPlanning, Policy and DesignExit, Voice and Loyalty in Cities under Siege: Transnational Migration and Citizen Journalism on the US-Mexico Border.2015
Jenny YangChemistryIntegration of Electrocatalysts to Photovoltaics for Solar Fuel Generating Photoelectronchemical Cells.2015
Alex BoruckiHistorySlaves, Sliver, and Atlantic Empires: The Slave Trade to Spanish South America, 1660-1810.2014
Glenda FloresChicano/Latino StudiesGendered Pathways into Medicine: Latina/o Physicians in California2014
Jesse Colin JacksonStudio ArtMarching Cubes Made Physical2014
Jae Hong KimPlanning, Policy and DesignCrossing-over between Land Cover and Land Use2014
Anne LemnitzerCivil and Environmental EngineeringSmart sections in piles-Towards reducing the over-design of deep foundations.2014
Simona MurgiaPhysics and AstronomySearching for Dark Matter in the Inner Regions of the Milky Way with Gamma Rays.2014
Renee RaphaelHistoryMetals in Motion: Mining Technology between Europe and the Americas, 1400-18002014
Keramet ReiterCriminology, Law and SocietyA Prison within a Prison: A Scholar's Journey into the Hidden Hell of the American Supermax2014
Maria RendonPlanning, Policy and DesignLatino Young Men and Their Immigrant Parents in Post-Recession Los Angeles2014
Timothy RupertMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringEnabling Generation IV Nuclear Reactors with Interface-Dominated Materials2014
Amir AghakouchakCivil and Environmental EngineeringCalifornia Integrated Drought Information System2013
Rebecca DavisEnglishSigns Without Deeds: Making Literary Matter in Middle English2013
Aaron Esser-KahnChemistryA Synthetic Approach to Immune Stimulation: Understanding What Makes an Effective Vaccine by Molecular Design2013
Sarah GoodmanPolitical ScienceBecoming American: Effects of Civic Education on American Identity2013
Claudia GreenEarth System ScienceQuantifying the Sources of Arctic CH4 and CO2 Emissions to the Atmosphere2013
Kim GreenNeurobiology and BehaviorWhat is the Role of Microglia in Neuronal Gene Expression in the Healthy Adult Brain?2013
Sora HanCriminology, Law and SocietyThe Racial Politics of American Federalism: States' Rights and the Return of the Fourteenth Amendment2013
Jered HaunBiomedical EngineeringMicrofluidic Biopsy Chip for Automated Tumor Tissue Dissociation and Molecular Analysis2013
Erica HayasakiEnglishThe Corn Drownings2013
Joshua LawrenceEducationUsing the Content Area Literacy Survey (CALS) to Meet the Demands of the Common Core Standards2013
Melissa LodoenMolecular Biology and BiochemistryBreaching the Barrier: Understanding Pathogen Entry into the Brain2013
Jeannette Mancilla-MartinezEducationTeaching and Language Facilitation Techniques Associated with Preschooler's Vocabulary Growth2013
Jane PageDramaTo direct a play, "Other Desert Cities" for the Vienna's English Theatre2013
Allison PerlmanFilm and Media StudiesThe Strange Career of Public Broadcasting: Race, Citizenship, and the Development of Noncommercial Television in the U.S.2013
Jennifer PrescherChemistryExpanding the Bioluminescent Toolbox for Visualizing Cancer Metastases2013
Jeanne ScheperWomen's StudiesMoving Performances: Staging Race and Gender across Trans-Atlantic Modernism2013
Tesha Sengupta-IrvingEducationEquity in Opportunity: A Study of Student Learning and Interest in Engineering Design2013
Weian ZhaoPharmaceutical SciencesSimple Diagnostics for Screening Alzheimer's Disease at Early Stages2013

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