Appendix A – Eligible Academic Appointees

Catastrophic Leave Program

  1. Appointees in the following series may donate vacation hours to or receive compensated hours from the Catastrophic Leave Program.

Appointment Basis: Fiscal Year
Accrues Vacation: Yes
Accrues Sick Leave: Yes

Academic Administrator
Academic Coordinator
Professional Researcher
Project Scientist
Visiting Project Scientist
Postgraduate Researcher
Assistant & Associate University Librarians
Visiting Researcher
Teacher – UNEX (3574)

*Librarians who are not covered by the MOU may participate. In addition, the AFT agreed in 1999 to extend the catastrophic leave program to represented librarians at UCI.


  1. Appointees in the following series may only donate vacation hours to the Catastrophic Leave Program.

Appointment Basis: Fiscal Year
Accrues Vacation: Yes
Accrues Sick Leave: No

Professor (including Acting)
Professor in Residence
Professor of Clinical ___
Adjunct Professor
Clinical Professor
Clinical Instructor
Sr./Lecturer, SOE
Visiting Professor

Administrative Appointments:
Faculty Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
Dean (includes Assistant, Associate and Acting)

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