Flu Vaccination Compliance Guidelines for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees

Responsible Office: Academic Personnel
December 1, 2020

A. Purpose and Scope

Pursuant to President Napolitano’s Executive Order of July 31, 2020, it is mandatory for all employees to comply with the mandate to receive the flu vaccine, a medical exemption, or a religious or disability accommodation to visit or work on-site at any location owned, operated or otherwise controlled by the University of California. These guidelines apply to all UCI faculty/other academic appointees on campus including the College of Health Sciences.

B. Authority and Responsibility

Department Chairs (or designee) and deans are responsible for ensuring compliance.

C. Guidelines

It is mandatory for all faculty/other academic appointees to comply with the flu vaccination requirement, which may include obtaining a medical exemption or religious or disability accommodation in lieu of a flu vaccination.

Academic Appointees Not Scheduled to Work On-Site
Faculty/other academic appointees not scheduled to work on-site are still expected to comply with the flu vaccination requirement. Faculty/other academic appointees working entirely remotely, who do not obtain the flu vaccination, are reminded that they are not permitted on premises at any UC location and should have no plans to access any premises before April  30, 2021 (expected end of the 2020-2021 flu season), or later if extended by public health officials or the President of the University of California.  Should the faculty/other academic appointee need to return to campus before April  30, 2021 (expected end of the 2020-2021 flu season), they must take the necessary steps to receive a flu vaccination or obtain an approved medical exemption or disability or religious accommodation.

If a faculty/other academic appointee fails to comply with the flu vaccination requirement, the Department Chair (or designee) should first ensure that faculty/other academic appointee is aware of this requirement. The Department Chair (or designee) should discuss with the faculty/other academic appointee the reason for non-compliance and provide information about how to obtain an accommodation or exemption.  If no valid reason for non-compliance exists and the faculty/other academic appointee continues to refuse to comply with this requirement, the Department Chair (or designee) should contact Academic Personnel to discuss and implement appropriate administrative and/or disciplinary action. This would include written notice that the faculty/other academic appointee is not allowed to return to campus until they are in compliance with all return to campus directives.

Please visit https://ap.uci.edu/covid19/covid-19-wellness-resources/programcomplianceguidelines/ for more information regarding all COVID-19 mandates.


Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

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