Compensation & Benefits


  • Academic Salary Scales — Current and historic salary scales for all academic titles.
  • Academic Salary Thresholds — Maximum salary thresholds for all University of California faculty.
  • Funding Agency Salary Caps — Salary cap imposed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS—which includes NIH, HRSA, AHRQ, CDC, CMS, SAMSA, and other agencies) on all of their grants, contracts and cooperative agreements (“awards”).
  • Honoraria — General guidelines for honoraria.
  • Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP)  – Allows eligible ladder-rank faculty in participating schools to contribute external funding resources toward their total University of California (UC) salary.
  • Pay Equity Study — An annual pay equity analysis of faculty salaries by rank, by discipline, and by school, as well as by ethnicity and gender.
  • Summer Compensation — Resources for additional summer compensation — or “summer salary” — for employment during the summer service period (in the case of academic-year appointees) or during the vacation period (in the case of fiscal-year appointees).
  • Compensation Policies:

Compensation Policies

Faculty Benefits


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