AP Review — Resources

Introduction to Review

A quick overview of the Review system in powerpoint format. This resource offers screenshots of the Review system and allows you to navigate through the workflow following different roles within the system.

Video Overview

Department File Preparation — 5 mins (mp4)

Review Files

AP Review is now mandatory for ALL senate actions, excluding appointments and non-reappointments. Non-senate titles, while not mandatory for 2017-18 academic year, can also be managed in AP Review.

Review files that fall under any of the categories below cannot be run through AP Review:

  • Reviews representing split appointments (split titles or split schools/departments).
  • Reviews for Department Chairs (requiring a “surrogate” Department Chair), Deans, CAP members.

If, for any reason, you are uncertain whether a file can be processed through AP Review, please contact your AP Analyst.

User Guides/Manuals

User RoleResourceLast Updated
CandidateCandidate User Guide10/27/2016
Department StaffDepartment Staff Manual
Quick Guide for Department Staff
Review Committee Quick Guide
Appendix 3 - External Referee Letters

Department ChairDepartment Chair User Guide10/27/2016
Voting FacultyVoting Faculty User Guide10/27/2016
Dean's StaffDean's Staff User Guide10/27/2016
DeanDean User Guide10/27/2016

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