UCI Unit 18 Faculty are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between the Regents of the University of California and the University Council, American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT). The agreement between the Regents and the UC-AFT can be found at the University of California website under Bargaining Units & Agreements — Non-Senate Instructional Unit.

Forms and Checklists

Matrix VII — Unit 18 Faculty Forms and Checklists

CategoryForm TypeForm Number
Pre-Six LecturerPre-Six Employment Form
Assessments of individual Unit 18 for reappointment are to be made on the basis of demonstrated competence in the field, ability in teaching, academic responsibility and other assigned duties that may include University co-curricular and community service.
Statement of Interest of Reappointment Consideration
Pre-Six Unit 18 faculty interested in reappointment consideration must submit by the due date specified on the form.
Continuing LecturerChecklist - Excellence or Merit ReviewUCI-AP-IX3
Excellence Review FormUCI-AP-IX4
Merit Review FormUCI-AP-IX5
Certification StatementUCI-AP-IX6
Continuing Employment FormUCI-AP-IX7
Temporary Augmentation FormUCI-AP-IX8
Documentation SummaryUCI-AP-IX9
If letters are
solicited for file
External Referee Identification FormUCI-AP-IX10

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