AP Review Enhancements and Reminders

Changes to the Candidate Personal Statement

Effective with the 2018-19 academic review cycle, Academic Personnel will be piloting a change to the candidate’s personal statement. Instead of one comprehensive candidate statement, we are encouraging Senate faculty to provide statements that target research, diversity, and service as individual documents. These additional documents are optional, and are meant to provide faculty with an area where they can better describe their contributions holistically.

Files created in AP review prior to the update will only have one candidate personal statement placeholder. Files created after the update will have four new document placeholders:

  • Research Statement
  • Reflective Diversity Statement
  • Reflective Service Statement
  • Combined Candidate Personal Statement/Statement of Activities

While many of your faculty may have already prepared their candidate statements, the last item on the list above, provides them with the option to upload a combined statement as they were previously used to doing. Starting next year, we anticipate removing the last option, Combined Candidate Personal Statement/Statement of Activities, and faculty will be encouraged to provide separate statements in each area they feel are relevant to them. Each individualized statement should be limited to two (2) pages each.

Assignment of Roles

This is a good time of the year for Schools and Departments to review user access and role assignment for Deans, Dean Staff, Department Chair, and Department Staff. Department Security Administrators (DSA) maintain these role assignments via SAMs. Find your DSA by visiting SAMs, and clicking “My DSA”. Employees designated as academics in the UCI Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) are granted the role of Candidate by a campus system to allow them to access their academic review files.

Files in AP Review

AP Review is now mandatory for ALL ACTIONS, excluding appointments and non-reappointments. Review files that fall under any of the categories below cannot be processed through AP Review:

  • Reviews representing split appointments (split titles or split schools/departments).
  • Reviews for Department Chairs (requiring a “surrogate” Department Chair) and Deans.

Selecting Action Type for Postdoctoral Scholar Reviews

To assist departments in selecting the correct action type for Postdoctoral Scholars, please refer to the table below:

Series Action Action Type in AP Review
Postdoctoral Scholars Reappointment with salary increase Dean Delegated Reappointment
Merit Increase Merit

Deleting Files

Should a file need to be deleted in AP Review, please email apreview@uci.edu.

If you have any questions please contact your assigned Academic Personnel analyst.



Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel

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