2017 Salary Adjustment Program

UC Irvine will be implementing general salary increases for faculty and non-represented academic personnel.  Under this salary program, the salary for faculty and non-represented academic personnel listed below will be adjusted by at 1.5%, effective July 1, 2017.  For ladder-rank faculty scales, and scales that derive from the ladder-rank scales, there will be some smoothing to the scales, with each step increase at least 1.5 percent and a few slightly higher.

  • Faculty ladder ranks, equivalent faculty, and other faculty
  • Lecturers with Security of Employment, Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment, and Lecturers/Senior Lecturers with Potential Security of Employment—100% time
  • Professional Research Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Non-represented Librarian Series
  • Assistant and Associate University Librarian
  • Academic Administrator Series
  • Academic Coordinator Series
  • Project Scientist Series

Discretionary Increases

As was the case last year, there will also be a discretionary salary adjustment program to address issues of equity, compression, and inversion for Non-HS Comp Plan Ladder Faculty/LSOE and the Non-Senate (Non-Ladder Rank, Non-HS Comp Plan, Non-Represented, Non-Student) Academic Employees.

Ladder rank faculty (non-HS Comp Plan) and LSOE series faculty

Funds equivalent to 1.5% of total budgeted salary of this group will be distributed through the program. Guidelines for implementation of the salary adjustment program were developed by a joint senate-administration committee.

Implementation guidelines:

  1. Deans will be provided with 2016-17 salary equity data generated by OIR in collaboration with the senate-administration salary equity committee, and their 1.5% fund pool.
  2. Deans will review these data in consultation with school Equity Advisor, Associate/Assistant Deans, and Department Chairs to identify issues in the four areas identified by UCOP: equity, compression, and inversion. Additional factors that can be considered include:
    • Decade of hire
    • Salary at hire
    • Retentions or salary adjustments
    • Rate of progress
    • Special awards
    • Service contributions including institution building activities
    • Sub-disciplinary market differences
  3. Schools will prepare recommendations for distribution of the 1.5% pool to individual faculty based on one or more of the areas/factors above.
  4. Provost office will review all recommendations for final approval

Health Sciences Compensation Plan Faculty

There will be some smoothing to the HSCP scales providing an increase of at least 1.5% to the X and X’ components. There is no expectation of further discretionary awards for faculty who are members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan.

Non-Ladder rank, non-HS Comp Plan, non-represented, non-student, Academic Appointees

Individuals in this group are eligible for up to a 1.5% discretionary increase in salary if supported by the base salary fund source.

Implementation guidelines:
No salary equity data are available for this group. Deans will consult with Dept. Chairs, Assistant/Associate Deans and Equity advisors and submit a list of recommended increases. Provost office will review for final approval.

Granting a discretionary increase may switch an academic employee from on-scale to off-scale.  It is our expectation that this off-scale remains (the appointee continues to be off-scale) for the duration of their appointment in the series. See “Calculating Off-Scale Salary at Advancement” for further information.


Questions should be directed to acadpers@uci.edu, subject line of 2017 Salary Program

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