Unit 18 Faculty — Procedures for Senior Continuing Lecturer Promotion Review

These procedures are based on the Unit 18 faculty contract, Article 7D.

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I. Eligibility for Senior Continuing Lecturer Promotion Review

A Continuing Lecturer who has received at least two (2) consecutive positive merit advancements (following the initial Continuing Appointment) in the same department, program, or unit, may request a Senior Continuing Lecturer promotion review upon their next merit review, in accordance with these procedures. (Article 7D, Section A.1)

II. Review Period and Evaluation
  1. The promotion review period will include the Unit 18 faculty’s initial continuing appointment through the term prior to initiation of the review.
  2. Evaluations of the academic qualifications or performance of a Unit 18 faculty for purposes of achieving merit and promotion shall be made on the basis of their assigned instructional duties. Achieving merits and promotions will be based on exceptional instructional performance in teaching for Senior Continuing Lecturers. Academic responsibility and other assigned duties shall also be utilized in the review.
    Instructional contributions that are broad ranging and/or greatly enhance the academic mission of the University may be considered exceptional. Length of service and continued excellent performance as a Continuing Lecturer alone are not justifications for promotion.
    Due attention should be paid to the variety of demands placed on instructors by the types of teaching called for at various levels and the total performance of the Unit 18 faculty should be judged with proper reference to assigned teaching responsibilities.(Article XX – Academic Review Criteria, Section D)
  3. Instructional performance shall be evaluated according to the following criteria, as demonstrated by the materials in the review file:
    1. Dedication to and engagement with teaching;
    2. Command of the subject matter and continued growth in mastering new topics;
    3. Organizing and presenting course content effectively and with demonstrated learning outcomes;
    4. Setting pedagogical objectives appropriate to the course topic, level, and format;
    5. Responding to student work in ways that commensurate with student performance, course topic, level, and format;
    6. Awakening in students an awareness of the importance of the subject matter;
    7. Inspiring interest in beginning students and stimulating advanced students to do complex work;
    8. Developing pedagogically effective assignments, lecture slides, lesson plans, exams, and/or other course materials and/or prompts for student work;
    9. Additionally, exceptional instructional performance would include introducing new teaching practices to the course(s).(Article XX – Academic Review Criteria, Section D.4)
III. Materials For the Personnel Review File

Reference Article XX – Academic Review Criteria, Section C for detailed information.

Unit 18 faculty will work with their department to provide materials needed for the review by the date provided to the Unit 18 faculty in their notification letter.

All relevant materials shall be given due consideration. These may include:

  1. A current curriculum vitae;
  2. Examples of syllabi, assignments, lecture slides, lesson plans, exams, and/or other applicable course materials including but not limited to prompts for and responses to student work;
  3. A self-reflection/self-statement/self-evaluation of the Unit 18 faculty’s performance, teaching objectives, and teaching activities;
  4. A term-by-term enumeration of the number and types of courses taught by the Unit 18 faculty;
  5. Explanations of deviations from the standard assigned workload;
  6. Identification of any new courses taught or of existing courses whose structure, approach, or content were substantially reorganized;
  7. Evidence of introduction of new teaching practices and techniques into the course(s) taught;
  8. Notice of any awards or formal mentions of distinguished teaching;
  9. Student evaluations, provided that the quantitative measure in the student evaluation is not the sole criterion for evaluating teaching;
  10. Solicited Letters of reference and assessments by departmental Unit 18 faculty, departmental Academic Senate faculty, other academic appointees, students; and/or others external to the University of California;
  11. Written observations resulting from classroom visitations by colleagues and evaluators;
  12. Statement of contributions promoting equal opportunity and diversity in teaching and learning; and,
  13. Additional materials relevant to their assigned duties.
IV. Procedures for Promotion Review
  1. Once the Continuing Lecturer makes a written request for a promotion review, the department will acknowledge the request by providing information about the timing, criteria, and procedures of the promotion review.
  2. The Continuing Lecturer must be allowed no less than 45 calendar days to submit their review materials to their department. If the Continuing Lecturer undergoing this promotion review needs additional time to submit their review materials, they should submit a written request (email is sufficient) to their department to request an extension of the originally established deadline. Should less than forty-five (45) calendar days notice be provided, the University shall not unreasonably deny an extension to the Unit 18 faculty to submit their materials for the review file.
  3. Based on the evidence available, the department/review committee[1] will make a recommendation. The final decisions concerning a Continuing Lecturer promotion to Senior Continuing Lecturer shall be based upon the materials contained in the promotion review file (Article XX – Academic Review Criteria, Section C), and based upon the criteria listed above and in Article XX – Academic Review Criteria, Section D.4.
  4. The Unit 18 faculty shall be provided with a copy of the department’s/review committee’s recommendation letter.
  5. The Unit 18 faculty will have 5 business days to submit a written response to the department’s/review committee’s recommendation letter, for inclusion in their promotion review file.
  6. The file is then forwarded to the department chair (or equivalent) for their recommendation.
  7. The file is submitted to the dean (or designee) for their recommendation then forwarded to the Office of Academic Personnel. The Senior Continuing Lecturer promotion review will be submitted to the UCI Unit 18 Review Committee for its recommendation to the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, who will make the final decision.

[1] Committees for senior continuing lecturer promotion reviews will be constituted in the same manner as those for excellence reviews, and the same committee may be used for both reviews.

V. Notification of Promotion Review Outcome
  1. If, as a result of the promotion review, the Unit 18 faculty is deemed to have exceptional instructional contributions, the Unit 18 faculty will be promoted to Senior Continuing Lecturer and receive an increase of at least three (3) salary points, on July 1 in the academic year immediately following their promotion review. However, the Senior Continuing Lecturer shall not receive an increase that exceeds the maximum of the salary scale. A Senior Continuing Lecturer promotion supersedes a merit increase as a Continuing Lecturer during this review.
  2. If, as a result of this review, the University determines that the Unit 18 faculty is not promoted to Senior Continuing Lecturer:
    1. The review file will still be assessed for merit in accordance with Article 7C – Continuing Appointments, Article 22 – Merit Reviews, and Article XX – Academic Review Criteria. The Unit 18 Review Committee will review the file for the relevant merit review period (three most recent years) and make their recommendation to the Vice Provost, who will make the final decision.
    2. The Continuing Lecturer is eligible to request another promotion review at their next normative merit review.
  3. The Unit 18 faculty will receive a notification letter informing them of the final decision (promotion, merit increase, or no change).

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