PPS Freeze Continues for Unit 18 NSF and Non-Represented Academics Range Adjustment

Freeze continues for Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty and Non-Represented Academics

The academic range adjustment for the Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty and non-represented academics has not been completed. We have run into some programming issues for the Unit 18 NSF and non-represented academics and would ask that you continue to keep the following populations frozen until otherwise notified.

  • Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty
  • Academic Administrator Series
  • Academic Coordinator Series
  • Assistant & Associate University Librarians
  • Non-represented Librarian Series
  • Non-represented Professional Research Series
  • Non-represented Project Scientist Series
  • Non-represented Specialist Series
  • Non-represented Resident Physicians
  • Teachers – UNEX (Teachers – UNEX Contract – Year are not eligible)

The range adjustment for Deans has been completed and units may begin to enter updates in PPS.

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