Appointment Notifications

The following Appointment Notifications have been developed for use during AY 2022-2023. To comply with Article 2 (Appointment Notification) of the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the UAW, appropriate notifications are required when UCI students are offered employment as Teaching Associates (Associates In), Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors.

Winter/Spring 2023 appointments are subject to amendment based on any changes to applicable collective bargaining agreements.

The new Appointment Notifications are to be attached to the appropriate UCI-AP forms as follows:

Teaching Assistants /Associates

Graduate Student Readers and Tutors

Undergraduate Readers and Tutors


Teaching Appointment Periods and Limitations

The maximum academic student employee appointment limitation is 50% time (220 hours of assigned workload) during any academic year quarter. The assigned workload determines the percent of time of the appointment.

If a graduate student has more than one appointment, the combination of all campus-wide appointments (including By Agreement Appointments) may not exceed 50% time during any academic quarter. This workload includes specific required training (with the exception of pedagogy courses for which enrollment of the Teaching Assistant or Teaching Associate may be required), time in the classroom, preparation time, grading, proctoring and office hours. Readers and Tutors are compensated on an hourly basis. Assigned workload is measured by how many hours the University could reasonably expect an ASE to satisfactorily complete the work assigned. (Related Documents: APM 110(40); APM 410-17b; APM 410 Appendix A; APM 420-17c; Student Worker Guidelines (UCI/HR Compensation); 8CFR214.2fq)

NOTE: When hiring a student from another academic unit, it is the hiring unit’s responsibility to coordinate with the student’s home department to determine eligibility for the appointment and to ensure that the student is not precluded from accepting employment because of other support, academic ineligibility, or other employment limitations.


Exceptions to Policies Affecting Appointment Eligibility

Requests for any exceptions to academic and personnel policies affecting a student’s appointment eligibility must be requested in advance by the department chair/head or advisor. The request must be submitted in writing and addressed to the Graduate Dean via the Graduate Student Employment Analyst (120 Aldrich Hall) for consideration/approval. A complete justification and provision of all relevant facts must be included. Always provide the graduate student’s name and student ID number. Prior to being forwarded to the Graduate Student Employment Analyst in the Graduate Division, exception requests must also be recommended (and signed) by the respective school’s Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

Please refer to the Exception Request Template and Exception Checklist for exception requests.

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