2019-20 Academic Salary Program

In accordance with guidelines issued by the Office of the President, the University of California is implementing the following salary increases. The current salary in PPS will be used to apply the respective salary increase.

Deans and full-time faculty administrators will be eligible for a 3% increase on their administrative salary effective July 1, 2019.

Ladder rank faculty and other academic appointees tied to the ladder rank scales
The effective date of the increase will be October 1, 2019. Due to this later implementation date, salaries will be adjusted to provide a 4% total increase for the year over nine months.

  • Ladder ranks and equivalent faculty (Acting, Adjunct, Recall, In Residence, Associate Deans)
  • Professors of Teaching (Lecturer with Security of Employment series)
  • Health Sciences Compensation Plan (HSCP) faculty (Adjunct, Clinical X, HS Clinical, In Residence) X and X’

The range adjustment effective October 1, 2019 will be processed centrally. Below is an example of a faculty member with a current salary of $100,000 who receives the 4% increase in the amount of $4,000, which will be paid over 9 months. The annual salary will need to be rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Effective DatesAnnual SalaryMonthly Rate 
7/1/19 – 9/30/19 $100,000$8,333.33Current Salary
10/1/19 – $105,300*$8,775.004% Total Annual Increase effective October 1, 2019

* Calculation steps:
Step 1 – Calculate the 4% of the 7/1/2019 salary: $100,000 x .04 = $4,000
Step 2 – Divide the increase over 9 months: $4,000/9 = $444.44
Step 3 – Add the monthly increase to the 7/1/2019 monthly rate: $8,333.33 + $444.44 = $8,777.78
Step 4 – Annualize the rate: $8,777.78 x 12 = $105,333.36
Step 5 – Round the annual salary to the nearest $100 for new annual rate: $105,300
Step 6 – Calculate the new 10/1/2019 monthly rate: $105,300/12 = $8,775.00

Negotiated Salary Trial Program (NSTP)
The range adjustment, processed centrally, will not update any NSTP appointment or distribution lines. Effective October 1, 2019, NSTP participants must decrease the Negotiated Salary Component (NSC), while increasing the Scale Based Salary (SBS) to maintain the same Total UC Salary (TUCS) that was approved prior to the range adjustment, below is an example.

7/1/19 – 9/30/19 NSTP10/1/2019 – 6/30/20 NSTP
NSC %30% NSC %23.5%

The contingency amount will need to be recalculated in addition to any applicable composite benefit rate(s).

Other non-represented academic appointees will receive a 3% across-the-board increase effective July 1, 2019.

Titles eligible for the 7/1/2019 Range Adjustment include:

  • Academic Administrator Series
  • Academic Coordinator Series
  • Non-represented Librarians*
  • Non-represented Professional Research Series
  • Non-represented Project Scientist Series
  • Non-represented Specialist Series
  • Non-represented Resident Physicians
  • Teachers – UNEX (Teachers — UNEX Contract-Year are not eligible)

*The non-represented Librarian scale will be adjusted to align with the represented Librarian scale. The exact percent increase will vary for the non-represented Librarians.

Represented academic appointees will continue to be compensated consistent with the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements.

  • Unit 18 Lecturers (NSF) will receive a 3% increase effective, July 1, 2019
  • Represented Librarians will receive a 3% increase effective, July 1, 2019
  • Academic Student Employees (ASEs) will receive a 3% increase effective, October 1, 2019

Graduate Student Researchers (GSRs) will have scale changes and prospective increases effective October 1, 2019.

Merits and Promotions Effective July 1, 2019 The applicable salary increase will be applied in addition to the academic’s approved merit or promotion effective July 1, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Personnel Analyst.

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