2016 Salary Adjustment Program

UC Irvine will be implementing general salary increases for faculty and non-represented academic personnel.  Under this salary program, the salary for faculty and non-represented academic personnel listed below will be adjusted by 1.5%, effective July 1, 2016.

  • Faculty ladder ranks, equivalent faculty, and other faculty
  • Lecturers with Security of Employment, Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment, and Lecturers/Senior Lecturers with Potential Security of Employment—100% time
  • Professional Research Series
  • Specialist Series
  • Non-represented Librarian Series
  • Assistant and Associate University Librarian
  • Academic Administrator Series
  • Academic Coordinator Series
  • Project Scientist Series

In addition, UC Irvine is pleased to announce a discretionary salary adjustment program to address issues of equity, compression, and inversion for Non-HS Comp Plan Ladder Faculty/LSOE and the Non-Senate (Non-Ladder Rank, Non-HS Comp Plan, Non-Represented, Non-Student Academic Employees).

Group 1. Ladder rank faculty (non-HS Comp Plan) and LSOE series faculty

Funds equivalent to 1.5% of total budgeted salary of this group will be distributed through the program. A joint senate-administration committee met to review salary equity data and develop guidelines for implementation of the salary adjustment program.

Implementation guidelines:

  1. Deans will be provided with 2015-16 salary equity data generated by OIR in collaboration with the senate-administration salary equity committee, and their 1.5% fund pool.
  2. Deans will review these data in consultation with school Equity Advisor, Associate/Assistant Deans, and Department Chairs to identify issues in the four areas identified by UCOP: equity, compression, and inversion. Additional factors that can be considered include:
    • Decade of hire
    • Salary at hire
    • Retentions or salary adjustments
    • Rate of progress
    • Special awards
    • Service contributions including institution building activities
    • Sub-disciplinary market differences
  3. Schools will prepare recommendations for distribution of the 1.5% pool to individual faculty based on one or more of the areas/factors above.
  4. Provost office will review all recommendations for final approval

Group 2. Health Sciences Compensation Plan Faculty

1.5% will be added to the X and X’ component of the HSCP scales. There is no expectation of further discretionary awards for faculty who are members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan.

Group 3. Non-Ladder rank, non-HS Comp Plan, non-represented, non-student, Academic Appointees

Individuals in this group are eligible for up to a 1.5% discretionary increase in salary if supported by the base salary fund source.

Implementation guidelines:
No salary equity data are available for this group. Deans will consult with Dept. Chairs, Assistant/Associate Deans and Equity advisors and submit a list of recommended increases. Provost office will review for final approval.

QUESTIONS: Questions should be directed to acadpers@uci.edu, subject line of 2016 Salary Program

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