Career Equity Review

Revised November 2013

A Career Equity Review is an examination of a faculty member’s personnel actions from the initial hiring at UCI onward in order to determine if the actions have resulted in the appropriate rank and/or step. The purpose of the Career Equity Review is not to reopen or appeal the decision of any previous case. Rather, the purpose is to see if the candidate’s performance, when considered over multiple review periods, may warrant additional action.

Possible justifications for a Career Equity Review action may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • the rank or step was comparatively low at the time of initial hiring;
  • the cumulative record warrants a recalibration even though each previous review decision was deemed appropriate at the time;
  • certain work and contributions were overlooked, undervalued, or had a delayed impact;
  • rank or step does not appear to be equivalent to faculty of equal merit.

A Career Equity Review may be initiated by any Ladder Ranks faculty member or Lecturer with Security of Employment who is a member of the Academic Senate.

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Possible Outcome

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