Implementation of Delegated Appointments for Assistant Professors




RE: Implementation Guidelines – Delegated Appointments for Assistant Professors

This is written to provide procedural guidelines for those Senate faculty appointments recently delegated to Academic Deans by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. The Dean now has authority to approve appointments for the following:

Assistant Professor, Step I, II or III
Acting Assistant Professor, Step I, II or III
Assistant Professor in Residence, Step I, II or III
Assistant Professor of Clinical ______, Step I, II or III


The following documentation should be included in each delegated appointment file:

  • A department letter with a vote and an evaluation of the candidate’s academic promise, achievements, and qualifications for the position
  • A separate recommendation from the Chair
  • A brief evaluative statement by the Dean stating the grounds for his or her decision (may be provided on the Dean’s Delegated Appointment Summary)
  • Salary control number of the position authorized for recruitment by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.
  • Prior approval by the Vice Provost for an off-scale salary, if applicable An affirmative action search


Chair’s Responsibility: The review process in the Department should follow the same procedure as for other appointments. The Department Chair has overall responsibility for the process, which includes notifying the candidate, documenting and presenting the Department’s recommendation, and forwarding the materials to the Dean.

Forms: The Department should use the Appointment Summary Form (UCI-AP-20) and Checklist (UCI-AP-30) as a guide for providing the appropriate materials.

Dean’s Responsibility: The Dean has responsibility for verifying that the position has been authorized for recruitment, for obtaining prior approval of any off-scale salary that will be offered, and for seeing that an appropriate affirmative action search was conducted.

Additional Information: If, after review of the file, the Dean’s preliminary assessment is not to approve the appointment or to appoint at a different step than that recommended by the Department, the Dean should consult with the Department Chair to see if there is additional information to consider before making the final decision.

Split Appointments: In the case of an appointment that is split between two schools, the Dean of the School with the primary (home) department will make the formal offer following sufficient consultation with the Dean of the School with the secondary department. The dossier should include the separate votes from both departments, but the department letters may be either separate or combined.

Office of Record: Academic Personnel will remain the office of record for all academic personnel actions, including delegated appointments. The original dossier, together with a copy of the formal offer letter should be sent to Academic Personnel as soon as possible.

Post-Audit: The Council on Academic Personnel will post audit delegated appointment files. In order to facilitate CAP’s review, please forward a copy of the dossier, along with publications, to Academic Personnel along with the original dossier.

First Merit Review: Authority for the first normal merit review for Assistant Professors remains delegated to the Dean, within the guidelines of the 2003 delegation.

If you have questions about the implementation procedures for delegated appointments, please call me at 824-7371.

Herbert P. Killackey
Vice Provost

Council on Academic Personnel
Dean’s Academic Personnel Coordinators
Academic Personnel

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