Engaged Research Supporting Evidence for Academic Review Files

A core mission of UCI as a land grant institution is service to the community. Pillar 3 of the Strategic Plan focuses on building a culture of engagement across our university. Effective engagement with our community broadens our intellectual capital and leverages our social capital, allowing us to provide leadership in, and solutions to, diverse societal issues such as resource management, technology, healthcare, education and social inequality. Exchanging information, ideas and resources with community partners promotes opportunities for disciplines to cross-pollinate on and off campus for research and teaching, enhances our students academic experience with the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-life situations and provides an expanded platform to engage alumni and other community members. Community engagement is integral to our campus culture and should be rewarded accordingly in the merit and promotion process.

 Examples of scholarly products of the engaged project could include articles, reports, studies, workshops, technical reports, or websites. This acknowledges that not all products will result in peer-reviewed journal articles.

A candidate is encouraged to discuss work that defines the local/national/international impact in their research statement.

A candidate may also include letters from community partners, faculty members with expertise in engaged scholarship, or nationally recognized experts that reflect on the engaged project.

The quantity and quality of research and creative activity ought to reflect clearly that the candidate has a recognized area of scholarly expertise that extends across academic, practice and community settings and a pattern of focused interest, in accordance with negotiated responsibilities.

Prepared by Judith Stepan-Norris and Sheefteh Khalili, Academic Planning, June 2019

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