Job Opening: Principal Administrative Analyst I

Title CodeGradeMinimum25th PercentileMidpoint75th PercentileMaximum

Job Summary

Under general direction, recommends and develops Academic Human Resources policies, programs, and procedures covering one or more of the following: academic recruitment, appointment, and advancement; salary administration; faculty welfare programs; payroll; and campus-wide training. May implement and/or administer labor contracts, and systemwide or campus policies.  Advises campus and office partners on complex Academic Personnel matters.

Job Description


Generic Scope (Uniform across all jobs at this level):  Technical leader with a high degree of knowledge in the overall field and recognized expertise in specific areas; problem-solving frequently requires analysis of unique issues/problems without precedent and/or structure. May manage programs that include formulating strategies and administering policies, processes, and resources; functions with a high degree of autonomy.

Custom Scope:  Uses advanced skills and knowledge of UC Systemwide and/or organization Academic HR policies and programs to address strategic academic personnel issues and to resolve complex issues and situations. Provides guidance, training, and direction to other Academic HR or affiliated unit staff members.  Manages internal academic personnel procedures and processes, ensuring consistency across AP analysts and schools and working with campus partners in other central offices to develop procedures involving academic personnel policy.

Key Responsibilities

% of TimeEssential Function
Key Responsibilities
(To be completed by Supervisor)
10%YesMakes recommendations to vice provosts and deans that affect the strategic direction of the organization.
35%YesProvides advice to vice provosts and deans and recommends strategies for addressing sensitive situations involving academic appointees and/or requesting exceptions to policy. Identifies and utilizes precedent-setting situations to recommend new organizational procedures and practices. Functions as technical expert to other Academic Personnel professionals, advising and coordinating processes and procedures for a variety of sub-units; may include acting as advisor to other Academic HR specialists. Creates internal academic personnel procedures and processes, ensuring consistency across AP analysts and schools and working with campus partners in other central offices to develop procedures involving academic personnel policy. Communicates regularly with critical campus partners (e.g., Chief Personnel Officers).
15%YesCounsels Senate and non-Senate faculty and other academic employees concerning complex and/or particularly sensitive work-related or career-related issues.
15%YesCreates and conducts formal classroom training to other academic HR generalists and specialists, interacting effectively and collaboratively with diverse clients at all levels of the campus.
15%YesAnalyzes merit and promotion cases for faculty. Drafts merit recommendation letters by applying a breadth of knowledge of multiple disciplinary areas.
10%YesDevelops programs and guidelines for campus administration of new and revised policies, collective bargaining agreements, and new initiatives in academic advancement and welfare.

Knowledge and Skills

  • Requires advanced knowledge of and ability to apply/interpret UC systemwide, organization and college policies and procedures which govern academic HR.
  • Advanced knowledge of organization and college goals, priorities and values and the legal and human implications of decisions.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to research and analyze complex management issues; develop project scope and solutions, give professional advice to senior officials and make critical decisions regarding personnel.
  • Demonstrated experience as a sound strategic-thinker and collaborative problem-solver.
  • Knowledge of trends in academia, especially in areas of academic planning, human resource management and administration.
  • Demonstrated initiative, tact and project planning skills.
  • Ability to communicate (written, electronic and oral skills) effectively with diverse audiences.
  • Requires political acumen.

Education and Training

  1. Education/Training:
    • B.A./B.S. degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training.  Advanced degree preferred.
  2. Licenses or certifications, if any:
    • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) certification or Human Resource Business Partner certificate or equivalent.

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