Job Opening: Administrative Analyst


Title CodeGradeMinimum25th PercentileMidpoint75th PercentileMaximum

Job Summary

Under general supervision, reviews and analyzes a wide variety of academic personnel appointment and advancement files, ensuring policy/procedure compliance.  Advises faculty, departmental administrators and departmental managers on issues involving academic rank and series concepts, leaves of absence/sabbaticals, benefits, retirement, multiple medical compensation plans, salary, and employee labor relations. Coordinates academic personnel review cycle for assigned departments.

Job Description

First Essential Function

Percent of Time: 55%

Academic Personnel Review Cycle

  • Coordinates portions of the annual academic review cycle by soliciting proposed actions from campus units, reviewing proposals to ensure that they are consistent with University policy regarding time at rank and step, and monitoring the proposed actions to guarantee that each faculty member is reviewed on
  • Serve as liaison for the levels of review, including the Council on Academic Personnel, ad hoc review committees, the appointee’s school and home department, the Vice Provost, the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, and the
  • Reviews appointment files of academics for compliance with affirmative action, university policy, and appropriate standards prior to review by the Vice Analyzes special issues, problems; make recommendations for resolution of problems to the Vice Provost.
  • Drafts response to units for the Vice Provost when proposed actions are tentatively Advises appropriate Dean’s Office of contrary recommendations for personnel actions and solicits comments/arguments in response to the tentative decision. Monitors response from units to ensure issues have been addressed and that review(s) continues in a timely manner.
  • Keeps informed of collective bargaining issues for academic Provides advice to academic units about procedures for those in bargaining units in accordance with MOUs.

Second Essential Function

Percent of Time: 35%

Academic Personnel Policies and Procedures

  • Performs policy analysis, using AP policy to communicate information to campus Utilizes in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Academic Personnel Manual, Memoranda of Understanding, and related policy statements which supplement the APM and local Academic Personnel Procedures (APP).
  • Provides direct consultation regarding academic personnel issues to departmental staff, deans, chairs, and other campus administrators as well as to academic Takes into account practices on the UCI campus and/or other UC campuses to bring historical perspective to current issues. Recommends alternative actions as needed.
  • Provides consultation regarding procedures for proposed academic personnel Recommends changes to procedures as necessary to meet the changing needs of the campus.

Third Essential Function

Percent of Time: 10%

Salary Administration

  • Ensures that individual academic salaries are in compliance with University and campus policies, including limits on off-scale salaries and limits on additional
  • Calculates and ensures the accuracy of range adjusted non-standard salaries (off-scale, Above Scale, and academic administrator salaries).
  • Post-audits payroll/personnel documents for

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities


Knowledge of University and campus Academic Personnel policies. Knowledge of academic and administrative structure of institutions of higher education.

Analytical skills sufficient to interpret and apply University and campus policies; define problems; formulate logical conclusions, recognize alternatives.

Communication and interpersonal skills sufficient to work effectively with University-wide and campus-wide Administrators, Deans, Department Chairs, faculty and staff. Skill to exercise discretion in confidential personnel matters and to protect the confidentiality of reviews. Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy in dealing with others so as to secure necessary information and cooperation from a variety of people and enable the incumbent to conduct effective negotiations, resolve disagreements and conflicts.

Writing skills sufficient to compose correspondence for the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Vice Provost, and Deans.

Mathematical skills sufficient to calculate or evaluate non-standard salaries and types of compensation.

Skill in prioritizing assignments to accommodate workload and deadlines. Skill in coordinating personnel transactions/programs by determining timing, place and sequence of actions necessary to accomplish goals and meet deadlines.


Demonstrated knowledge of the University’s academic personnel program and related policies and procedures. Experience working in a higher education environment. Knowledge of UCI and UCOP governance, instructional and research programs.  Understanding of campus organizational structures, departments and units, and communication channels. Knowledge of State, Federal and UC guidelines, rules and regulations concerning general academic employment and personnel issues.  Ability to use Word, Excel and Outlook computer programs. Experience with the UC Payroll Personnel System.

Knowledge of records management and filing systems. Knowledge of computerized systems and methods of retrieving data; skill to design and execute reports from data.

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