myData is an online faculty database introduced to the campus in 2007. It is a tool that assists faculty members to track their teaching, research and service activities. This database can generate countless reports, including curriculum vitae, accreditation reports, and the Review Profile report which can replace the Addendum (AP-10 form) in an academic review file. Learn more…

Data Importing from Crossref is now available

Faculty can now directly import publication citations from Crossref, a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration agency for scholarly and professional publications with a database of more than 80 million intellectual contributions including journals, books and other types of content. Simply search for the contributor, select the needed citation(s) and import via myData’s Import Publications screen. Click through for more information on importing citations from Crossref.

Crossref is our third major import feature in this regard, following BibTeX Imports and PubMed Imports features.

Instructions for BibTex and PubMed import features can be found here:



New Feature: Author Count Function

To address a request from CAP, we have recently implemented a screen revision in the “Intellectual Contribution” section to better detail the position of a faculty member’s contributions within each publication when 10 or more authors are listed. This new feature will assist reviewers in determining a faculty’s position amongst the group of authors.

Special Note: Faculty who use the “Authors et al.” function to list multiple authors in a publication must include their citation position along with the total number of authors for that publication. Faculty who choose to enter ALL authors for a publication and do not use the “Authors et al.” function will only need to note their citation position number in the Faculty Citation Position # box and the system will total the number of authors automatically. It is still important to describe your role and/or share of contribution for each publication.

Please refer to the following instructions.

1. Faculty’s Citation Position #.

A faculty member must state their numerical position in the publication.

The system will total the number of authors based on author entries made for that individual publication unless the faculty member elects to use the “Authors et al” feature. (Please see Step Two.)

The Review Profile will display the information accordingly:


2. Faculty Citation Position # when using “Authors et al.”

If a publication has 10 or more authors and the faculty wishes not to enter them all, check the “Authors et al.” box, and then enter the total number of authors cited in the official publication in the “Et al. Citation’s Total # of Authors” box (shown below).

The Review Profile will display the information accordingly:



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