Career Partners Program

FTE for Ladder-Rank Faculty Appointments

The Career Partners Program was formally initiated at UCI in 1997-98 in response to the employment needs of dual-career academic partners. UCI recognizes the importance of an environment in which frequently more than just a single faculty appointment must be considered.

The primary goal of the Career Partners Program is to recruit excellent new faculty to join the ladder professorial ranks. In exceptional cases, this program may be used for the retention of current faculty. The Career Partners Program using shared FTE is not the only avenue through which a unit might pursue a partner hire. Deans may choose to set aside portions of their resource allocations to be used exclusively for partner hires.


Funding for Career Partners is accomplished through a three-way partnership:

  1. the recruiting unit of the primary appointee provides 1/3 FTE
  2. the host unit of the spouse/partner provides 1/3 FTE
  3. the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor provides 1/3 FTE

When the Career Partners Program involves collaboration with the School of Medicine, the partial FTE provided by a general campus unit and by the Executive Vice Chancellor must be filled in a general campus unit.

Should a Career Partner recruitment prove unsuccessful, or if a Career Partner incumbent leaves UCI, the partial FTE’s supporting the position will revert to their originating units.

Career Partner Requests

After the primary recruiting unit and the partner’s unit have agreed to pursue the Career Partner hire, the Chair of the primary unit should submit a request to the Executive Vice Chancellor for the final 1/3 FTE. This request should include

  1. An explanation of the primary recruitment effort giving rise to the request for a Career Partner position;
  2. Statements of support for the proposal from the Chair and Dean of the primary recruiting unit with commitment of 1/3 FTE;
  3. Statements of support from the Chair and Dean of the proposed host unit of the spouse/partner with commitment of 1/3 FTE.

Once the Executive Vice Chancellor has approved the request for the final 1/3 FTE, the recruiting and co-sponsoring units will be authorized to proceed with the Career Partner appointment according to existing campus procedures.

Appointment Process

The appointment process for a Career Partner hire will follow the normal Academic Personnel procedures for faculty appointments, including review by the Council on Academic Personnel. The required file documentation for the appointment at the proposed rank should be assembled by the spouse/partner’s department and submitted through normal channels via the Dean’s Office to Academic Personnel. Each case will be judged on its academic merit, and the appointee should not be referred to as a “career partner hire” within the dossier.


Interim Funding Assistance

Academic units may request Interim Funding Assistance from the Office of Academic Affairs to support the transitional employment needs of academically qualified spouses/partners of new ladder-rank faculty at UCI. In some cases, Interim Funding Assistance may be used to retain UCI faculty.

The recruiting department should make efforts to assist the spouse/partner in seeking permanent academic positions outside of UCI if the department is unable to continue the appointment. In all cases, commitments by the Office of Academic Affairs for interim funding will not exceed a period of two years. Transitional employment opportunities for academically qualified spouses/partners may include appointments as Lecturers or appointments in research-related positions.

Interim Funding

Funding for Interim Funding Assistance is accomplished through a three-way partnership, although not necessarily in equal amounts, from the following units:

  1. the recruiting unit (the department/school that houses the ladder-rank appointee)
  2. the host unit(s) for the spouse/partner
  3. the Office of Academic Affairs

Proposals may be submitted at any time during the academic year. Development of the proposal requires collaboration between the recruiting department and the unit proposed to host the spouse/partner. The final proposal should be submitted by the Dean for the academic unit that recruited the ladder-rank faculty member. Proposals should include:

From the School/Department of the Ladder-Rank Faculty member:

  1. An explanation of the particular recruitment or retention effort giving rise to the request for spousal/partner interim support;
  2. Statements of support for the proposal from the Dean and Chair. Included should be the specific financial support the unit is willing to provide.

Materials Prepared by the Host Unit and forwarded to the Recruiting Unit:

  1. Statements of support from the Dean and the Chair of the proposed department of the spouse/partner. Information on the specific financial support the unit is willing to provide should be included;
  2. The department/school with which the partner hopes to affiliate and a statement of how the interim appointment meets or fits programmatic and workload needs;
  3. The spouse/partner’s vitae or similar information;
  4. An evaluation of the spouse/partner’s work by the proposed host unit;
  5. Proposed length of appointment of the spouse/partner;
  6. The proposed title, rank, step, and salary of the spouse/partner. Any applicable range adjustments for the spouse/partner will not be funded centrally and is the responsibility of the recruiting and host units. Units should also be cognizant of university policy regarding salary equity.

Each proposal will be evaluated on its overall cogency, the potential impact on the university’s efforts to recruit and retain high quality faculty, and the relevance of the proposal to the overall research and instructional mission of the campus. Both units will receive written notification of funded proposals.

Proposals for Interim Funding Assistance under the CPP should be addressed to the Executive Vice Chancellor but mailed to:

Diane K. O’Dowd
Vice Provost for Academic Personnel
Office of Academic Affairs
509 Aldrich Hall, Zot 1000


Once the host unit for the spouse/partner is notified of an approved funding request, it should begin preparation of the appropriate dossier in support of the proposed appointment for the spouse/partner. As with all faculty appointments, units must forward the dossier through the Dean’s office to the Office of Academic Personnel. A copy of the approval letter for Interim Funding Assistance should be included in the file.


Questions about this program and the required documentation may be directed to Vice Provost Diane O’Dowd at (949) 824-0663 or by e-mail:

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