APP 7-16: Leaves of Absence — To Attend a Professional Meeting

An appointee may be granted a leave with pay to attend a professional meeting or for University business.  All leaves of absence should be requested in advance.

Leave Request

  1. Submit a Leave of Absence form (AP-UCI-76).
  2. Approval authority:
    1. Seven days or less without compensation: Department Chair.
    2. Greater than seven (7) calendar days and less than thirty (30) days with or without pay:  Dean.
    3. Greater than thirty (30) calendar days without pay: Dean.
    4. Greater than thirty (30) calendar days with pay: Vice Provost.

  1. Leave of absence with pay may not be granted to fiscal-year appointees for more than 30 days a year for the purpose of attending international conferences and related scholarly activities.
  2. Thirty days is a maximum, not a norm, and appointees should not simply assume that any leave up to 30 days will be automatically approved. Time required beyond 30 days for this purpose by fiscal-year appointees will be charged against accrued vacation or granted only as leave without pay. Departments are responsible for monitoring conformance with this stipulation.

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