APP 7-15: Leaves of Absence — Military Leave

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A. General Policy

All academics are eligible for military leave without pay. In addition, individuals who have been in service at UCI for a full year prior to the military leave will be granted leave with pay for the first 30 calendar days of military leave.

Types of military leave covered by this policy include:

  1. Reserve training duty
  2. War or national emergency
  3. National conscription
  4. Service related to national defense
B. Leave Request
  1. Submit a Leave of Absence form (AP-UCI-76).
  2. Approval authority:
    1. Seven days or less without compensation: Department Chair.
    2. Greater than seven (7) calendar days and less than thirty (30) days with or without pay:  Dean.
    3. Greater than thirty (30) calendar days without pay: Dean.
    4. Greater than thirty (30) calendar days with pay: Vice Provost.

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