APP 7-12: Leaves of Absence — Family and Medical Leave (FML)

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A. Eligibility
  1. An academic appointee is entitled to up to 12 workweeks of family and medical leave during a calendar year, provided that:
    1. the appointee has at least 12 cumulative months of University service; and
    2. the appointee has worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12 months immediately preceding the commencement date of the leave.
  2. Eligible academic appointees are entitled to take a family and medical leave for the following reasons:
    1. The appointee’s own serious health condition;
    2. To care for the appointee’s child, parent, spouse, grandparent, grandchildren, sibling, or domestic partner with a serious health condition;
    3. To care for the appointee’s newborn child or a child newly placed with the appointee for adoption or foster care.
B. Procedures for Processing a FML Request

The responsibility of an academic appointee requesting FML and the department are briefly summarized below.  For full descriptive guidelines for processing a FML request, refer to the UCI FML Guidelines for Academic Appointee.

  1. Responsibility of Appointee:
    1. Whenever possible, appointee should provide at least 30 days advance notice.
    2. If notice of 30 days is not possible because of a medical emergency, notice should be given as soon as possible.
    3. Certification from the health care provider will be required when leave is requested for appointee’s own serious health condition or to care for the serious health condition for the appointee’s child, parent, spouse, grandparent, grandchildren, sibling, or domestic partner.
    4. For the appointee’s own serious health condition, appointee will be required to provide a medical certification prior to returning to work.
  2. Responsibility of Department:
    1. To designate leave, paid or unpaid, as qualifying for family and medical leave, if the leave meets the requirements of APM 715-0 and 715-14.
    2. To give written notice of eligibility and designation to the appointees.
  3. Family and medical leave runs concurrently with other approved leaves taken for a purpose which meets the criteria for a family and medical leave-qualifying event.
NOTE: Refer to Benefit Continuation (APM 715-34) & Reinstatement (APM 715-36).

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